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5 Reasons To Avoid Preloaded Devices!


Buying preloaded Android device can look good in the short term. Beware the pitfalls awaiting you though…


Enough the pictures, onto the list of reasons to think twice before purchasing a preloaded device.

  1. Speed, as we previously posted about at some length (see https://droix.co.uk/wordpress/how-to-slow-kodi-down-risk-your-data-android-openelec-windows/ ), Kodi can slow down and even crash when large packs of data are automatically forced in.
  2. You can have problems updating add-ons in Kodi when using fully loaded Android set top boxes, whereas those devices with Kodi properly installed and configured will find updates function (when their author(s) release new code).
  3. Security is a concern when other devices on your network contain valuable information. With some fully loaded devices being prepared totally in foreign factories, scenarios where malware is introduced to the devices (quite possibly unknowingly) ready to attack your home’s network from the inside! See http://finance.yahoo.com/news/phone-infected-chinese-malware-071138011.html for a recent example. With applications hidden away inside your device, are you ready to gamble with your financial details on the same network?
  4. Reputable suppliers of TV set top boxes based on Android do not send them out preloaded, as the authorities here changed how they view such services. For a company to be able to offer continuing support to customers, it needs to be operating fully within the law. Those sellers that do supply devices preloaded will need to duck and dive cowboy-style (with name changes etc) to avoid having their business closed down (see links here for police raids! Pirates Busted, Torrent Freak 1st and 2nd ). It can be difficult to ask for help if you don’t know what name a company is using this month!
  5. Clashes (personalities and code). With preloaded Android set top boxes, you’ll often find a Wizard has been used to batch install add-ons. If/when the Wizard add-on‘s author has a disagreement with another author, you can find the Wizard author triggers data to be removed from YOUR device! It is one thing for an argument to form over approaches to coding, but when that spills over into your living room, you know something has to change.

So, to avoid all these problems, buy from a reputable seller. Consider installing just the add-ons you want to actually use. If friends encourage you to buy a cheap Chinese clone down the market because “it has everything“, feel free to point them in the direction of this post. Forearmed with knowledge, they may just see the light as well!


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