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Which Type Of SSD do I need? NVMe? SATA?

Have you ever wondered what an M.2 SSD is? What the difference between the different types of SSD are? With our recent shift into selling a larger variety of mini PC's, NUCs, and more. We at DroiX thought it may be useful to write a short guide on the types of storage that you will commonly ...

Is your Mini PC making loud noises?

Hi there! We at DroiX are coming at you with a quick blog post about mini PC's! We sometimes hear reports of mini computers being slightly noisier than our customers expected. Unless they are designated as "fanless" (meaning they have no cooling fan and instead operate entirely on passive heat ...

What is an Android Box?

You might have come across the term "Android box" when looking for a new device that you can watch TV with. Android boxes have grown massively popularity since their conception many years ago, so we at DroiX felt we would take a short blog post to explain what exactly one is. To start with, an ...

Ace Stream Media

Ace Stream Media can really simplify the process when you want to watch a film. Utilizing torrent files and peer to peer technology, well seeded films can with you and on your screen in a flash! First, let's clear up one area - you should only ever use this system to watch material if it does not ...

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