AYANEO NEXT FAQ – AYA’s Next Windows Gaming Handheld? [Last Update: 2022/02/25]

Welcome to another article on the world of up-and-coming gaming articles. This time, we’ll be going over the recently announced “AYANEO NEXT” handheld in our AYANEO NEXT FAQ.

We’ll update this article regularly as more information is revealed, so check back often for the latest details on the AYANEO NEXT!

[2022/02/25 Update] The AYANEO Next’s official crowdfunding page is live!

Late yesterday, AYANEO finally opened the Indiegogo page for their latest handheld gaming PC, the AYANEO NEXT (and it’s higher-spec variant, the AYANEO NEXT PRO).

While no new revelations about the device are gleaned from this Indiegogo page, there are many infographics showcasing the performance of the NEXT and comparisons of its built-in controllers with other conventional controllers.

The most interesting thing about the AYANEO NEXT is its processor. The AMD Ryzen 7 5825U, a fairly unique CPU that is not really seen in other devices. This processor, combined with the device’s LPDDR4X RAM and NVMe SSD, promise framerates of over 30 to 60FPS in a variety of the latest games, provided you’re fine with lowering the graphics to medium or low.

AYANEO NEXT Reference Benchmarks

AYANEO seem particularly proud of their Hall-sensor joysticks as well, boasting superior accuracy to many types of controllers.

AYANEO NEXT Stick Sensor Test

AYANEO NEXT Advance Review

In addition, many of the AYANEO NEXT ADVANCE units have already been shipped out and are in the hands of reviewers. Including us!

The AYANEO NEXT Advance was a limited-edition version of the AYANEO NEXT that only had 500 units available.

Check out footage of the AYANEO NEXT ADVANCE in action below!

While the processor is slightly different (a more widely-available AMD RYZEN 7 5800U), the overall performance will likely be very similar to the final product.


The pricing for the AYANEO NEXT has been updated slightly.

  • The AYANEO NEXT [1TB] will retail for $1335 (with a $1285 “early bird” price)
  • The AYANEO NEXT [2TB] will retail for $1435 (with a $1385 “early bird” price)
  • The AYANEO NEXT PRO will retail for $1535 (with a $1485 “early bird” price)

The AYANEO NEXT can be pre-ordered from DroiX for £1249.95. Meanwhile, the AYANEO NEXT PRO can be pre-ordered from DroiX for 1449.95.

AYANEO NEXT Release Date

Pre-orders (directly from the Indiegogo) will apparently begin shipping in around mid-April 2022.

For those pre-ordering or otherwise planning to purchase through DroiX, our tentative release date is the 2nd of May 2022.

[2022/01/05 Update] The AYANEO Next has been Officially Revealed

Exciting times! The full specifications, appearance, and more about the AYANEO next have now been unveiled via the official AYA NEO twitter feed. Without delay, let’s get right into things.

AYANEO NEXT Specifications

Below is a full list of specifications as taken from the official AYANEO NEXT website

CPUAMD Ryzen 7 5800UAMD Ryzen 7 5825U
(formerly “5800U Advance Version”)
AMD Ryzen 7 5825U
(formerly “5800U Advance Version”)
GPUAMD Radeon Vega 8 @ 2000MHz AMD Radeon Vega 8 @ 2000MHz AMD Radeon Vega 8 @ 2000MHz
RAM16GB LPDDR4x @ 4266MHz 16GB LPDDR4x @ 4266MHz 32GB LPDDR4x @ 4266MHz
Storage2TB M.2 NVMe1TB / 2TB M.2 NVMe 2TB M.2 NVMe
Screen Size7.0 Inches 7.0 Inches 7.0 Inches
Screen Resolution1280 x 800
215 PPI
1280 x 800
215 PPI
1280 x 800
215 PPI
ControlsDual Analog Sticks (Replacable)
L/R Shoulder & Trigger Buttons
“Half-Effect Sensor”
Standard Face Buttons (A/B/X/Y, D-Pad etc.)
Dual Analog Sticks (Replacable)
L/R Shoulder & Trigger Buttons
“Half-Effect Sensor”
Standard Face Buttons (A/B/X/Y, D-Pad etc.)
Dual Analog Sticks (Replacable)
L/R Shoulder & Trigger Buttons
“Half-Effect Sensor”
Standard Face Buttons (A/B/X/Y, D-Pad etc.)
Battery4100 mAh
PD 3.0
4100 mAh
4100 mAh
Ports“Full-function” Type-C (x2)
3.5mm Audio Jack
“Full-function” Type-C (x2)
3.5mm Audio Jack
“Full-function” Type-C (x2)
3.5mm Audio Jack
Wireless ConnectivityWi-Fi 6E
Bluetooth 5.2
Wi-Fi 6E
Bluetooth 5.2
Wi-Fi 6E
Bluetooth 5.2
Other FeaturesFingerprint Sensor
“One-touch Wake Up”
Dual Stereo Speakers
Built-in Rumble
Fingerprint Sensor
“One-touch Wake Up”
Dual Stereo Speakers
Built-in Rumble
Fingerprint Sensor
“One-touch Wake Up”
Dual Stereo Speakers
Built-in Rumble
Full AYANEO NEXT Specifications Table


Ever one for choice, AYA Have stated that the AYANEO NEXT comes in one of three variations.

  • The AYANEO NEXT Pro – a more powerful model that features more RAM
  • and the AYANEO NEXT Advance – a limited edition model featuring a “commemorative nameplate” and exclusive colour

The key differences between the three models lie in their processor, RAM and storage. Beyond that, they are identical.

AYANEO NEXT Colour Options

The AYANEO NEXT comes in one of six colours depending on what version you opt for. You can see all colours currently available below.

The AYANEO NEXT Advance comes in an exclusive 2-tone grey colour. Meanwhile, the base and Pro models share the same colour options (except for the Space Silver, which is exclusive to the Pro model).


Contrary to the popular expectation of a 6000-series processor (which was debunked less than a day ago), the AYANEO NEXT will feature an existing Cezanne-series processor. The AMD Ryzen 7 5800U.

This processor has yet to be seen in a Windows gaming handheld, so unfortunately we’re not able to provide a precise estimate of performance. Going by openly available comparisons however, you can expect a performance bump over the AYA NEO 2021 PRO by about 10-15%.

Curiously, the AYANEO NEXT and it’s Pro variant are mentioned to feature an “Advance Version” of the 5800U, whereas the actual AYANEO NEXT Advance features a regular version. At this point in time it is unknown what this stands for.

It is unknown what the “Advance Version” entails.

[2022/05/05 12:30 Update] According to our contact from AYA, the base model of the AYANEO NEXT and the AYANEO Next Pro will feature the obscure AMD Ryzen 7 5825U processor. This appears to essentially be a 5800U that is clocked slightly higher than usual.


The AYANEO Next features the same M.2 NVMe SSD across all three of its versions.

Both the AYANEO NEXT Advance and the AYANEO PRO feature a 2TB NVMe SSD. Meanwhile, the base AYANEO NEXT model can choose between 1TB and 2TB variants.

It is unknown at this point in time if the NVME SSD is intended to be end-user replaceable. But given that it comes in at least two different variants, we would expect this to be the case.


The RAM on the AYANEO NEXT is the same kind seen in most other varieties of handheld gaming PC, That being LPDDR4x.

For all three models, it is clocked at a respectable 4266MHz. This is the same as seen on the original AYA NEO and its successor.

The Advance version and the base model of the NEXT feature 16GB of RAM. Meanwhile, the pro version features a staggering 32GB. We personally think this is overkill, but the option is there for those who want it!

AYANEO Next Display

The display of the AYANEO Next appears to be similar to that of the original AYA NEO 2021. Being a 7-inch IPS touch screen with the slightly-odd resolution of 1280×800. It even features the same 215 PPI (pixels-per-inch) rating.

It’s possible that they have even re-used the same display, but only time will tell.


The physical form of the AYANEO Next is a highlight of the model, and a cause for celebration!

Unlike it’s predecessor, the AYANEO Next features a decidedly more “ergonomic” design , with a smooth grip on the edges of the system where your hands would naturally rest.

This should lead to much more comfortable long-form gaming sessions, as a common point of contention among these handhelds was their slight unwieldiness.

Much like in the 2021 revision of the AYA NEO, the NEXT also retains the “linear” (analogue) triggers that provide a greater range of motion and precision for trigger-related inputs.

Emphasis is put on the “hall effect” nature of both the triggers and joysticks. This involves the use of magnets to detect differences in pressure and location – and should improve the longevity of these components in particular.

A fingerprint sensor is also featured. It is present under the power button, and enables a “One-touch wake up” function.

Removable Joysticks?

The AYANEO NEXT is stated to feature removable, modular joysticks. However, whether this is the entire joystick or just the joystick “cap” remains to be seen.

AYANEO Next Connectivity

The AYANEO NEXT will be fully compatible with (at least some form of) docking solutions

The AYANEO Next is stated (and shown) to only feature two USB-C ports, which is a step back from the three ports seen on the AYA NEO 2021.

These USB ports are stated to be “full-function”. As the specifications also mention that the device supports DisplayPort 1.4 (4K@60FPS), it is safe to assume that video output is possible through at least one of these ports.

There’s also a 3.5mm jack for those who wish to directly connect their headphones to the unit.

A focus point of the AYANEO NEXT’s marketing is the inclusion of Wi-Fi 6E in the unit. Without bogging this article down with technical details, Wi-Fi 6E is an enhanced version of Wi-Fi 6 that, on top of the regular speed increase seen from 5-to-6, also grants access to the 6GHz spectrum, helping to reduce congestion.

When will the AYANEO NEXT be released?

The AYANEO NEXT is stated to enter a “crowdfunding” period in early February 2022, with devices apparently shipping in March 2022.

To be frank however, we’re personally sceptical that the March 2022 window will be met. AYA are older and wiser than they were before, but the past couple of years have seen everything everywhere delayed (thanks, just-in-time global supply chain!), so we’re not holding our breaths.


If purchased directly from AYA themselves, the AYANEO NEXT will be priced at the following:

  • $1315 USD for the 1TB AYANEO NEXT ($1265 USD “Launch Special”)
  • $1465 USD for the 2TB AYANEO NEXT ($1365 USD “Launch Special”)
  • $1565 USD for the AYANEO NEXT Pro ($1465 USD “Launch Special”)
  • $1465 USD for the AYANEO NEXT Advance($1345 USD “Launch Special”)

DroiX prices will be forthcoming in a future update (once/if we’re able to secure a shipment!).

[2021/12/30 Update] More Teaser Images Unveiled

Earlier today, AYA teased more aspects of the AYANEO NEXT via their official Twitter feed.

Alongside the (already known) dates of the reveal stream. It appears as though the AYANEO NEXT will feature curved handles for additional comfort when holding.

Any kind of ergonomic improvement is a highly welcome addition to a handheld device. While the AYA NEO 2021 was pretty much our ideal size for a handheld, the ergonomics of the model left a little to be desired (it wasn’t uncomfortable to hold, but it could’ve been better).

With less than a week to go until the announcement, we’re excited to see what AYA have in store… Stay tuned!

[2021/12/24 Update] AYANEO NEXT Reveal Delayed

Happy Christmas Eve to all! What better way to celebrate this festive time than with bad news!

For unknown reasons, the AYANEO NEXT reveal/presentation that was scheduled for the 28th of December (2021), has now been pushed back by slightly over one week until the 5th of January (2022).

Interestingly, AYA have unveiled the exact time the new information will be surfacing. Because of time zone differences, this will be at 2:30AM on Wednesday.

Unless AYA tease more information for us to speculate about, you can expect the next substantial update to this blogpost to drop at some point on the morning January 5th, 2022.

[2021/12/22 Update] More Promotional Material

Earlier today, AYA released a tweet teasing more information about the AYANEO NEXT.

It is clear from this image that AYA are implying that the AYANEO NEXT will be highly resistant to “stick drift”. Something that a known problem with the Nintendo Switch (something which they poke fun at in the image).


AYA is an up-and-coming manufacturer of gaming handhelds based in Shenzen, China. Who debuted in 2021 with a crowdfunding initiative to their flagship AYA NEO gaming handheld. A gaming handheld featuring an AMD 4500U APU, built-in gaming controls, and more.

This crowdfunding campaign was wildly successful, garnering almost £1.8 million (GBP) in funding. After a small handful of delays, the AYA NEO (now called the “AYA NEO 2021”) would finally hit the market in late 2021. Alongside it’s slightly more powerful sibling device, the AYA NEO 2021 PRO.

If you’d like to know more about them, we’d encourage you to give our AYA NEO review and AYA NEO PRO review a look.

[FAQ] What is the AYANEO NEXT?

Not much is known about the AYANEO next at this point in time aside from the following points:

  • It’s a Windows gaming handheld.
  • It will contain a (new) AMD CPU.
  • It will contain “multiple innovative features”

More information on the AYANEO Next will be revealed on the 28th of December 2021, as mentioned on Weibo, a Chinese social media website.

A few days prior to this announcement, AYA NEO also put up an official webpage for the AYANEO NEXT. Unfortunately, this page is sparse as far as information goes, with nothing but the silhouette of a device and the tagline “Explore the future” being present.

The official AYANEO NEXT promotional teaser

What can we expect from the AYANEO NEXT?

We know that the device will feature an AMD CPU. Given the limitations of the gaming handheld form factor, it is safe to assume that the device will feature an APU of some kind, as it is unlikely that a discrete GPU would be able to fit within a gaming handheld

The AYA NEO and subsequent AYA NEO PRO featured Ryzen 4000 series’ APUs, these being the Ryzen 5 4500U, and the Ryzen 4800U respectively.

Therefore, we would, at the minimum, expect the AYA NEO NEXT to feature an APU from the Ryzen 5000 series’ (“Cezanne”). Which hit the market very recently.

There’s also a slim chance that the AYANEO Next could feature a processor from the AMD’s up-and-coming Ryzen 6000 series’ (“Rembrandt”) APUs, which are expected to release at some point in early 2022.

It is likely that this device is being teased so soon as a way of competing with One Netbook, who – hot off the heels of the release of the AMD version of their ONEXPLAYER 1S, have released a smaller revision of the device, called the “ONEXPLAYER Mini”. We don’t expect the AYA NEO to get any smaller (it’s just about perfectly sized as-is), but perhaps it will get lighter, or receive an ergonomic boost?

We’re absolutely eager to see what kind of “innovative features” that the AYANEO NEXT will feature. So stay tuned into our AYANEO NEXT FAQ for further updates!

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AYA have recently announced their newest gaming handheld - the AYANEO NEXT. Learn more about it in our AYANEO NEXT FAQ!..Read full article

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