Best Budget Mini PCs 2021

Best budget Mini PCs 2021
Best budget Mini PCs 2021

Choosing the best budget Mini PCs

Budget Mini PCs in 2021 are high-tech devices that use laptop computer technology to deliver desktop performance in a greatly reduced space and with drastic savings in electricity compared to stationary PCs with towers. This, therefore, makes it the most budget-friendly way of buying a PC. Budget mini PCs have a relatively large RAM, good graphics quality and high-speed web connectivity (both by cable and obviously by Wi-Fi) while being equipped with processors fast to go with it all. Usually, they have equipped with high-end SSD hard drives and a series of USB 3.0 ports. The biggest advantage is that they are very light, compact and relatively quiet (the latest generation comes with state-of-the-art heat sinks which allow them to be completely silent).

DroiX budget Mini PC’s are cheap compared to a laptop

Of course, these machines may not have the place to offer a Blue-Ray player or a DVD player, but between us, when was the last time you used a cd on your PC? Moreover, nowadays you can buy an external device to play your DVDs at a very reasonable price. Speaking of price, mini pcs are generally not that economical, since they use advanced technology, to accommodate their small size. However, their cost has fallen considerably over the past few years and they are generally also cheaper than a laptop with an equivalent configuration, at least, more often interesting than a low-end laptop of comparable power.

Advantages of a budget Mini PC

Budget Mini PCs can meet your multimedia needs, as they come equipped with a quality graphics card, audio card and HDMI connectivity. In addition, the fact that they are silent makes them the most suitable for this use. Some models even support ultra high definition (4K) displays.
If you use your PC to browse the Internet, work with an office suite, and perform minimalist data processing, this type of machine is perfect for you.
A personal storage solution. Nowadays, data is often stored on the Internet. If the cloud doesn’t seem secure or too expensive for your needs, minicomputers can help.
As a bonus, you can also host your site on such a machine using it as a server.
For Video Games: Unless you are a professional gamer, needing a high-end gaming PC for your hobby, a budget mini PC can do the trick. Plus, its portability makes it easy to take with you on a trip or to a friend’s house. In addition, the fact that it can support more than one monitor makes it very convenient for more elaborate games.

Best budget Mini PCs List


Powered by an Intel Pentium processor, the GK50 makes the perfect mini PC for those looking for a low-profile budget option, with its unique entirely front-facing USB port layout making it easy to connect a variety of peripherals simultaneously, and the dual-Ethernet setup allowing it to function in a variety of nonstandard networking configurations.

MinisForum GK41 - Shown from the front at angle with 4x USB 3.0 Ports and Power Button

MinisForum GK41 Intel NUC MiniPC with Windows

The GK41 is a more budget-conscious version of the GK50, featuring the same hardware interfaces but with a slightly more economical Intel Celeron processor. The GK41 is an excellent budget mini PC for the home and or office, performing simple tasks such as web browsing, video calls and more with ease.

When it comes to the word “efficiency”, none do it better than the Beelink Gemini T34 mini PC. Powered by an Intel Celeron processor, the T34 is a highly energy-efficient budget mini PC. With a super-low TDP of approximately 6 watts, and a low-profile design no thicker than 18mm, the T34 is price, space and power efficient in all senses of the word.

Beelink T34-M Windows Mini PC for Home,Office - Showing from side at angle with SD Card reader and 2x USB 3.0 Port

The T34-M is an updated version of the T34, offering a similar set of hardware features, but with a an approximately 20% lighter weight, and featuring a VGA port instead of a second HDMI port. The T34-M makes a great lighter-weight alternative to the T34 for those with different equipment setups (such as older monitors). It’s a great budget PC option all-around, featuring the same energy efficient Intel Celeron processor, and low-profile design.

Beelink U55 Windows 10 Mini PC - Front View at an Angle showing Power Button, Headphone Jack, USB Type-C Port and two USB 3.0 Ports

The U55 rounds out the upper end of our budget mini PC range, being the first to feature an Intel Core series i3 processor (5th generation). Combined with the ability to install an additional 2.5-inch SSD or HDD inside the device, and you’ll find that the Beelink U55 makes the perfect budget mini desktop for the office and/or home. Among the budget models, it is also unique in that it features a USB-C port for high-speed connection of various peripherals.

Best Budget Mini PCs 2021 Conclusion 

If you have arrived on this page, it is because you are interested in purchasing a budget mini PC. And that of course, you have not yet selected the one that would perfectly suit your expectations. This is why we have decided to help you with your choice by offering you a selection of the best budget mini PCs, whether in terms of performance, value for money but also taking into account the opinions of the users themselves.

Best Budget Mini PCs 2021 Recap

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