The Best Mini PC In 2022

Best Mini PC

Are you looking for a mini PC that is the cream of the crop? A mini PC that’s truly “top of the pops”? Look no further than this handy buying guide on the very best mini PC you can buy today! All of which are available from DroiX!

DroiX specialises in all types of mini-PCs including for the Office, Gaming or even for the TV. It is undoubtedly the category of computers that is the most recent in the history of data processing and it appeals to more and more people. Very small, not very energy-intensive, some of the best Mini PCs are excellent everyday companions, especially if you are a fan of films or series.

Indeed, opting for a Mini PC is often the best way to take advantage of a machine dedicated to playing video or audio files. This type of device is very easily hidden behind a screen or a TV and can even be taken very easily. The miniaturization of components has made enormous progress in recent years, so much so that it is possible to enjoy a complete computing environment in the palm of your hand.

Key points in determining the best Mini PC


Who says a Mini PC necessarily means the smallest possible format? Today, NUC-type machines at Intel are barely bigger than a Rubik’s Cube and benefit from enough power to play any movie and do some basic office automation. No need, therefore, to seek power at all costs to the detriment of size. On the other hand, if you absolutely want to play or edit video, you might as well opt for a small tower or a laptop PC.

The consumption

A Mini PC has the significant advantage of consuming little power, which can have a real impact on your electricity bill. Often based on laptop computer components, they benefit from advances in this sector to offer significantly lower consumption than a conventional desktop computer.

Our Testing Procedures

Like any PC, Mini PC has a processor and a graphics card, so we run the usual benchmarks to judge their power. We also check the consumption, on standby, on the desktop and in the context of advanced use, by means of a wattmeter and check the scalability of the whole. Often, you must be content with access to storage and RAM.

Shopping guide to choose the best Mini PC

The process of finding and buying the best Mini PC comes down to determining why you want a Mini PC instead of a traditional desktop or laptop, what you need it for, and where you plan to use it.

Mini PCs range from small project PCs under £100 to compact PCs that can cost £1,000 or more. Stick PCs are the most versatile and generally cost between £100 and £200 and will work with most televisions or monitors. Mini PC prices vary considerably depending on the hardware.

Finding the best Mini PC starts with knowing what you are looking for. Do you want something small enough to put behind a TV like a dedicated streaming box, or are you looking for something with gaming capabilities? Do you want a basic internet browsing machine or do you need a lot of graphics and processing power?

Find the correct size

Then there is the question of the shape and size factor. The best Mini PC to work with are all small, however, there are a variety of options, from Mini PCs small enough to slip into your pocket to desktop towers that are still compact enough to hide out of sight. You’ll get a capable desktop computer that is small enough to carry in a backpack, even if you’re looking for gaming or workstation performance.

Configuration and upgrade options

Several of the best Mini PC to work with have two or three configuration options, which can change everything from the amount of storage included to the presence of high-end processors and discrete graphics cards.

There is also the issue of updates. Many of the smaller Mini PCs leave no room for future hardware changes, but others are designed to allow you to add memory or storage or are even equipped with ports that allow an external GPU to expand capacity.

How is a Mini PC different?

Before continuing, it is important to understand that a Mini PC is simply a personal computer (PC) that is significantly smaller than the normal one. Beyond that basic qualifier, you can find Mini PCs that can act as complete desktop replacements and competent gaming rigs, entry-level systems that excel at streaming media, and low-power pocket computers that can’t handle much more than basic tasks. productivity.

While there are many affordable Mini PCs on the market, you can typically expect to pay a little more for a Mini PC compared to a full-size computer with the same specs. Mini PCs are also more difficult to update, and some cannot be updated at all. So, if you have room for a full-size computer, you can generally save some money and leave the door open for an upgrade in the future.

If you really need the portability of a Mini PC, or your available space is really limited, then Mini PCs are available to fit almost any need. Most Mini PCs run Windows or Linux, and some run Chrome OS, but the venerable Apple Mac Mini, which runs macOS, also fits neatly into this category of the best Mini PCs to work with.

Usage Scenarios: Why a Mini PC?

Before you can choose the best Mini PC for you, it is important to think about why you really need a Mini PC. This is important because you can save money by simply buying a regular PC if space is not an issue, but it also comes into play due to the wide variety of sizes and configurations found in the Mini PC market.

Best Ryzen Mini PC 2021

AMD processors vs Intel processors are among the biggest comparisons today. Especially those who are looking for a processor for a computer know this comparison well. Today, 75% of computers use Intel processors. A large proportion of the remainder also benefits from the power of AMD processors. If you would like to have a look at an article, we published that list of all the best Ryzen Mini PCs available right now.

Compared to Intel, the biggest difference is in price. It is possible to reach AMD results in general in the search for the cheapest processor. The fact that it is both cheap and not popular enough normally gives rise to urban legends about it. It is among the situations transmitted from ear to ear that causes overheating and contraction problems.

When we look at the situation in numbers, the following result emerges. AMD processors are sold at much more affordable prices in 4-core options. At the same time, integrated graphics cards perform faster on AMD processors. However, it is a well-known fact that they are not able to upgrade their technology as fast as Intel. One advantage is that the bus speed and RAM support are better than equivalent Intel processors. If you would like to find out more please visit our Best Ryzen Mini PC’s article.

MinisForum EliteMini X500 – AMD Ryzen 7 Office Mini PC

The Power of Zen 3 – The X500 features a cutting-edge AMD Ryzen 7 5700G APU, which grants it access to the efficiency and performance of the Zen 3 architecture while also being supported by the Radeon graphics suite. The result is a mini desktop, perfect for gaming, streaming, office work, and more. 

What We like!
  • Desktop-tier Performance
  • Large number of audio interfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Power-hungry
  • On the larger side

[Video] X500 Review

Best Intel Mini PC 2021

While Intel Mini PC draws attention to the compact solution they bring to desktop computers, they also consider the freedom to take it with them in a pocket/bag if desired. These devices, which are extremely compact with their construction from a portable hard disk, also allow you to shape the technical staff.

There are different models of Intel Mini PCs available. The code and configuration of each differ from the other. As a result, the Intel Mini PC is an extremely compact and useful device. The device, which is suitable for daily use and simple office software, also provides a flexible use by optionally shaping its technical staff. In this sense, if you are looking for a more compact solution compared to a desktop computer, you can take a closer look at our list of the Best Intel Mini PCs.

DroiX PROTEUS 10S i7 NUC Mini PC with Windows 10

The DroiX Proteus 10S is a higher-spec variant of the DroiX Proteus 10. It is a great solution for those looking for a steadfast home office PCenterprise PC solution, digital kiosk, and more.

What We like!
  • Wireless Antennae
  • Good number of USB ports
What We Don’t Like
  • Profile is large with antennae
  • USB ports are somewhat close together

[Video] Proteus 10S Review

Best NUC Mini PC 2021

NUC Mini PCs can be defined as a very compact version of computers. These small but highly effective devices stand out especially with their computing power. NUC Mini PC models usually come in two different concepts. The first of these is the basic system. Products with the base system mostly include the processor, case, and motherboard. Hard disk and RAM other than the essentials can be purchased extra. In addition, parts of old computers such as hard disk and RAM can be used in space-saving products. In addition, another concept in the devices is the ready-to-use system.

NUC Mini PCs price is more affordable compared to products with basic systems. This is because the RAM and hard disk are included in the ready-to-use system kit. Ready-to-use system products, It is often among the ideal models for people who have just discovered mini products. Earlier we published an article called the Best NUC Mini PCs that has a complete list of the very best NUCs out right now. These useful products, which are not much different from desktop computers, significantly meet the expectations of many users. NUC Mini PC prices are on the DroiX platform with the most advantageous options.

DroiX PROTEUS G7 Intel NUC Mini PC

The DroiX Proteus G7 Intel NUC Mini PC is designed for use both in the home and work office. Measuring less than 6 inches in diameter, it takes up very little desk space compared to a traditional desktop PC. This office mini desktop is also small enough to fit in a bag or luggage for easy portability.

What We like!
  • Two ethernet ports
  • Separate headphone & microphone interfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Glossy top is a fingerprint/dust magnet
  • Only 4 USB ports

[Video] DroiX Proteus G7 Review

Best Gaming Mini PC 2021

Here we will talk about the options you can have when buying. The best Gaming Mini PC. This is handy for someone looking to buy a Gaming Mini PC because you need to know that the Mini PC you buy can play the games that you like.

Gaming Mini PC are very easy to use, and you can easily install games on them, but on the other hand, PCs are a bit difficult to set up as you will have to configure each part yourself.

The game created excitement for everyone and attracted interest from almost all ages, so people are discovering new features every day. Many people are now connecting with the gaming community and taking the gaming community to the next level. Innovations attract more customers, so they offer the technology of the market, the price of which is relative to the quality of the product.

The price range of Gaming Mini PC is quite reasonable because they don’t cost you much and several different companies offer you great prices so you can easily buy any of them. And yes we have published an article on the very best Gaming Mini PCs. It will show you our list of the best Gaming Mini PCs to buy right now.

DroiX Stheno F5 Gaming Mini PC with GTX1650

The Stheno DroiX Stheno F5 Gaming Mini PC is not the first Mini PC from this brand since we have already seen the Nvisen Y-MU-01 which is also a rather original solution on the market. An important detail to note about this previous model, its price has largely deviated between its announcement and the weeks that followed. This is not a requirement or a rule, but it could be a nice surprise for this newcomer.

What We like!
  • Dedicated GPU
  • High-tech design
What We Don’t Like
  • CPU is slightly on the weak side
  • No front-facing ports

[Video] DroiX Stheno F5 Review

Best Fanless Mini PC 2021

If you don’t have or don’t want to free up space to put down a desktop cabinet, a Fanless Mini PC is an excellent solution. The best Fanless Mini PCs are fast enough to perform all digital tasks and often have enough necessary inputs to connect monitors and other peripherals. The range of these devices is so large that it is difficult to determine which is the Best Fanless Mini PC’s of the year. In our Fanless Mini PC buying guide, we provide the answer to this question. We focus on the performance, possibilities, and costs of these small computers so that you can easily determine what is the most suitable option for you.

The Beelink Gemini T34 is the newest entry in the lineup of Intel NUC PC’s by Beelink. The emphasis here is on versatility and stable, long-lasting performance in a slim, small-footprint package.

What We like!
  • Low-profile
  • Low-power consumption
What We Don’t Like
  • Slower than models with fans
  • Few ports

Best Budget Mini PC 2021

Many companies produce a budget Mini PC as well as computer production. Today, frequently preferred products provide comfort and ease of transportation. Mini PC brands mostly produce laptop or desktop, computer models. There are quite a several brands on the market that produce mini devices. Brands such as Dell, Macintosh, MSI, Asus, HP, Intel strive to develop models with necessary R&D studies.

Details such as internal memory, processor and video card model come to the fore in the products of various brands. Budget Mini PCs companies take care that their products are of high quality and hassle-free. Our list of the Best Budget Mini PC’s will give you a better understanding of the prices and features of budget tv boxes.

Tired of how much space your old tower PC is taking up? Want something more energy-efficient in order to save on your electricity bill? In this case, look no further than the Beelink GK Mini, the newest mini-PC from Beelink, creators of popular models like the GT-RSEi 10, and the GT King

What We like!
  • Cheap
  • Essential ports all present
What We Don’t Like
  • Not the most powerful
  • No USB-C, which is rare.

Best Mini PC for TV 2021

Mini PC for TV, which looks good from a media player, can do the job of the average user. In this form factor, where Intel processors are overwhelmingly superior, the processor you will choose should be at least dual-core, 8th generation Intel Core i5 and equivalent, for those looking for high performance. For example, a mini-box computer with a quad-core Core i7 8650U processor has an embedded graphics chip, allowing you to play modern games without exaggeration, as well as processing power-hungry applications such as Photoshop and Premiere. If you lower the settings and lower the resolution, games like Overwatch, League of Legends, even Rainbow Six Siege and GTA 5 can be run. Having USB-C or USB 3.1 ports also allows you to connect a keyboard, mouse and game controller and turn the device into a full-fledged computer on your TV. If you want to know more about the very best Mini PC’s for TV, we have created a post that will explain the prices and more useful information.

The Beelink T34-M is a highly lightweight, low-profile, energy-efficient Intel-powered mini PC that makes an excellent economical addition to the home office, an enterprise solution, or digital signage operation.

What We like!
  • Very slim
  • Consumes little power
What We Don’t Like
  • Dual-display is via HDMI + VGA – the latter being outdated in 2021.
  • Bare minimum of ports

The GK35 is a budget mini PC with number of remote-friendly features that make it an attractive option for lazily sticking behind your TV, or using as a digital signpost.

What We like!
  • Number of remote-operation-friendly options.
  • Essential ports present
What We Don’t Like
  • Raw power leaves a bit to be desired.
  • No USB-C present

Best mid-range Mini PC 2021

Due to the recent increase in its use, many consumers ask “What is the best mid-range Mini PC? And what can they do?” As we seek to answer the questions. The best mid-range Mini PC are useful are basically the much more minimal variants of desktop and laptop computers. Operations performed on other types of computers can be easily performed on these products as well. There is no need to re-purchase additional tools such as mouse and keyboard in the use of mini devices.

Some games can be played, and meeting presentations can be made with products that are generally compatible with the additional tools of old computers. In addition, activities such as preparing presentations on other computers, researching on the Internet, storing photos and files can be carried out without any problems. In addition, e-book reading applications can also be used on the Best Mid-Range Mini PCs. Our complete list of the best mid-range Mini PCs will help you decide what is the best Mini PC for you.

The Beelink SEi 8 is a versatile light-weight NUC mini PC from Beelink, the manufacturers of poplar android boxes such as the GT King, or other mini PC’s such as the GT-R. The SEi 8 makes the perfect solution for a home officemedia centre, or even as an enterprise IT device.

What We like!
  • MicroSD Card Slot
  • Good price/power ratio
What We Don’t Like
  • Only Bluetooth 4.1
  • USB 3.0, not 3.1

The GT-R is a mid range mini PC that’s versatile enough to act as both a workstation PC, a home office PC, a home media server, and more. Thanks to the power of its Ryzen processor and its large number of ports, as well as many other features.

What We like!
  • Two M.2 SSD Slots
  • Feature-packed
What We Don’t Like
  • Second M.2 SSD is SATA
  • Graphics performance is medicore

Best high-end Mini PC 2021

When you want to buy a high-end Mini PC, you know that you need to allocate a higher budget than the average PC. The hardware that will provide high performance and enable you to play games fluently ensures that the prices are high. However, not every high-end Mini PC may offer a good experience in terms of gaming performance. No matter how high your budget is, if you don’t choose the right configuration, it is very difficult to get the game performance you want. For this reason, we have brought together the most important criteria when selecting a high-end Mini PC. It’s a complete list of only the Best High-End Mini PC’s available right now!

MinisForum EliteMini HX90 – AMD Ryzen 9 Mini PC

The MinisForum HX90 is a high-performance mini PC that combines a futuristic, practical design and high performance into a sleek, miniature form factor. 

What We like!
  • Cutting-edge performance
  • Liquid metal cooling
What We Don’t Like
  • On the larger side of mini PCs
  • Expensive

[Video] MinisForum EliteMini HX90 Review & Benchmarks

Best Mini PC For the Office 2021

Although less popular than laptops and traditional desktops, Office Mini PC’s are an alternative when we need a computer with compact dimensions. But that it is small does not imply that it will be a little powerful. In the market, we find the most diverse proposals that adjust to different needs. In our Best Office Mini PC’s buying guide, you will find the keys to choosing one and some of the most interesting models on the market.

DroiX CK1 Intel NUC Mini PC with Win 10 PRO

The CK1 Mini PC (version NVISEN Y-MU01) features a choice of processors with the Intel Whiskey Lake i7 and i5 processors, and RAM and Storage configurations. Both configurations have the Intel UHD Graphics 620 for fast up to 4K processing.

What We like!
  • Reliable performance
  • Contains all essential interfaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Wi-Fi strength could be better
  • USB ports uncomfortably close

[Video] DroiX CK1 Review

Best Mini PCs for Entertainment

Why look for one of the best mini-PCs to work with if I have a laptop? Are you in the trade? How about connecting a Mini PC to your 4K TV? Well, you will have a machine with great graphics and size, or of course a machine for design or simply fulfil the functions of a normal PC.

ASUS PN50 AMD Ryzen Mini PC

With the PN50, ASUS offers a stylish AMD Ryzen Mini PC, which is currently one of the most interesting models on the market, especially due to its price and performance.

What We like!
  • Premium build quality
  • Highly compact
What We Don’t Like
  • Compact design = Heat
  • Isn’t the best choice for gaming

[Video] ASUS PN50

The Beelink SER3 is a highly-capable Mini PC from Beelink that is the perfect mini PC for entertainment. With the power and ports to comfortably serve as the core of your home media centre, IPTV streaming PC, and more.

What We like!
  • All-metal Shell
  • Triple Display Support
What We Don’t Like
  • Only 4 USB Type-A Ports
  • Bluetooth 4.0 is a little outdated

Best Mini PC with Windows 11

Windows 11 became available to the general public in October 2021. But due to the restrictions in place preventing people from installing it, many people need a new PC for Windows 11. Here at DroiX we have the best selection of Windows 11 compatible mini PCs. These PCs can upgrade to Windows 11 with minimal difficulty.

MinisForum EliteMini HM80

The MinisForum HM80 is a high-performance mini PC, with an AMD Ryzen 4800U processor that runs Windows 10 initially, but can be upgraded to Windows 11 straight away for free. Perfect for future-proofing your setup.

What We like!
  • High performance
  • Immediately Windows 11 compatible
What We Don’t Like
  • Tricky to open/upgrade
  • No latch-top like similarly designed models

[Video] MinisForum EliteMini HM80 Review

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