DroiX Summer 2021 PC Benchmarks (MinisForum Benchmarks, Beelink Benchmarks, etc.)

Hi there! We at DroiX are back with our latest benchmark post, letting you get a rough idea of the performance of various mini PCs we offer in various areas – allowing you to better decide which of the many mini PCs out there is right for you.

The Benchmark Tests

The tests have all been conducted using PassMark Performance Test 10.1. With a test length of “medium”, and performed in a best-of-5 format.

All models have been tested using a 16GB RAM, 512GB Storage configuration, the same as when they are sold by us (meaning RAM speeds may differ).

The Mini PC Benchmark Lineup

The mini PC’s that we have tested include the selection below. Click the respective link to learn more about the PC:

CPU Benchmark

The CPU benchmark is concerned with the raw throughput of the CPU, making it run various complex mathematical equations, physics simulations, and more. High scores here indicate a mini PC that will be good for video editing, 3D rendering, and other CPU-intensive applications.

Summer 2021 Benchmark CPU

Leading the pack in the CPU benchmarks by leaps and bounds is our highest end PC on offer currently – the MinisForum X400 Ryzen 5 Pro. This is owed to the power of the desktop Ryzen 5 4560G APU (for those unfamiliar – an APU is essentially a fancy term for AMD’s combined CPU/GPU architecture).

Following up we have the X400 Ryzen 3 Pro. It runs a weaker CPU than its bigger brother, meaning performance is lower, but still heads and shoulders above the rest of our offerings thanks to it also being a desktop APU.

Afterwards, filling out the middle of the range are the UM700, the DMAF5 and the UM250 respectively.

2D Graphics

2D Graphics tests are concerned with everyday tasks such as web browsing and word processing. High scores here will equal a PC that is a strong pick for day-to-day tasks.

Summer 2021 Benchmark 2D Graphics

No surprise, the X400 Ryzen 5 leads the pack here. However, unlike the CPU scores, the results are overall closer, with the Ryzen 3 variant being very close behind.

The DMAF5, X35G, UM700 and UM250 are all very close in this regard as well.

3D Graphics

The 3D Graphics suite tests the performance of the device within various DirectX APIs from DX9 all the way to DX12. High scores here indicate a mini PC that would be good for gaming.

Summer 2021 Benchmark 3D Graphics

There’s a clear trend to be found here. AMD absolutely knock it out of the park thanks to the properties of their APUs. Meanwhile, Intel trail behind significantly.

The strongest one here is, as one would expect, the X400 Ryzen 5, however the others AMD models are closer behind than one would expect.


The disk tests are primarily concerned with the read-write speeds of the device. The higher this score, the better the PC will generally perform when loading random files and programs.

Summer 2021 Benchmark Disk

The trend here appears to be loosely based on the brand of processor, with Intel devices pulling ahead on average. The MinisForum X35G and Beelink SEi 10 lead the pack here with impressive scores.

The MinisForum X400 Ryzen 3 curiously beats out its bigger brother. But as the difference is less than 1/100th, we’d chalk this down to differences between batches of SSD used more than anything.

At the bottom of the stack is the UM250, which is to be expected, as it is the only PC in this test that uses an M.2 SATA SSD, instead of an M.2 NVMe SSD. This does not mean it is slow however, as it is still an SSD, making it orders of magnitude faster than a hard drive.


The memory tests are concerned with stability and performance of the RAM, performing tasks such as database operations and latency tests. Good performance here would indicate a PC that is good for multi-tasking.

Summer 2021 Benchmark Memory

The results here are our most closely matched across the board, with the X400 Ryzen 5 predictably pulling ahead, but then leaving three different models neck and neck – the X400 Ryzen 3, GTI 10 and SEi 10.

Pulling up the rear are the UM250, DMAF5 and UM700 – three very similar devices (all running mobile Ryzen APUs, and having similar cases)


The overall score is a rough amalgamation of all the scores across the categories. Higher scores here are indicative of a better all-around package, but note that some PC’s may be stronger in some areas than others.

Summer 2021 Benchmark Overall

In first place comes the X400 Ryzen 5, as one would expect by this point. Following it comes the X400 Ryzen 3. Both of these are good options if you’re looking for a versatile, high-performance mini PC.

After this, the price of the devices and the performance they provide is roughly equivalent, with outliers being the UM700 – which performs slightly worse overall than the DMAF5, and the X35G, which performs very slightly better than the UM250 overall.

The Intel trio of devices – GTi 10, SEi 10 and X35G round out the lower end of the scores – which is understandable given their lower price.


Thanks for sticking with the benchmark so far! Did you find any results surprising? Any suggestions for future benchmarks? Please feel free to leave us a comment or send us an email at support@droix.co.uk

Unitl next time!

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