AYANEO 2 is announced – Faster than the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is no longer the fastest PC Gaming Console - AYANEO 2 is announced

AYANEO is ready to take down Valve with the announcement of the AYANEO 2. The RDNA 2, GTX 1050Ti-like performance embedded GPU will be front and centre on the AYANEO 2 PC Gaming Console.

On the 14th of May, AYANEO held a YouTube live conference to talk about the AYANEO Air – The OLED Gaming Handheld. During that conference, we actually had more news than originally expected. NO, they did not announce GTA 6 but they did unveil 2 new products.

AYANEO Slide and AYANEO 2. Whilst the AYANEO Slide is a new product lineup from AYANEO, the AYANEO 2 is set to replace the original AYANEO 2021 and 2021 PRO. Whilst we, at DroiX just received the first batch of the AYANEO Next Pro (and are actually shipping them to our customers, yey – get yours at the link above) AYANEO has been busy coming up with more products.

So, you’re asking “What’s with this click-bait title and this Steam Deck killer?”, well…Let’s talk about the second question as I don’t want to discuss my title choices.

AYANEO 2 – Better than the Steam Deck?

The Specifications for the AYANEO 2 include a Zen 3+ AMD Ryzen 7 6800U APU, sporting the AMD Radeon 680M GPU. Why is this exciting you ask?

Not only that many reviews and performance benchmarks online of the Radeon 680M put this GPU at the same level with the NVidia GeForce 1050Ti (The netbook model) or the GTX 1650 Max-Q, but AYANEO is packing the AYANEO 2 with the Zen 3+ Ryzen 7.

To put it in perspective, the Steam Deck’s custom-design Aerith APU is built upon the Zen 2 architecture, a quad-core processor with a 2.40Ghz base clock and a 3.50 Ghz boost clock.

The AYANEO 2’s octa-core Zen3+ APU starts with a 2.70Ghz base clock and can ramp up to 4.70Ghz

Just from the boring numbers alone you can tell the AYANEO 2 will undoubtedly be faster than the Steam Deck.

AYANEO 2 Features

AYANEO always seems to put a lot of thought into their products, and you can tell by the fact that the AYANEO Next comes with a set of gloves. (Really! Watch our unboxing here) And that does not stop, nor slow down with their latest device.

Feast your eyes on the AYANEO 2 PC Gaming Console below

Now, obviously, design and comfort on a gaming handheld is a very personal opinion, and many will still prefer the boxier look of the AYANEO 2021, or the more gamer-esque look of the ONEXPLAYER lineup. But, you can’t deny the beauty of an all-screen chassis.

The rounded design and the focus on ergonomics are very reminiscent of the Steam Deck.

The AYANEO 2 will also come with LPDDR5 Memory, clocked at 6400Mhz, PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD Storage and USB 4.0 Ports.

When will AYANEO 2 be released?

As we have seen the GPD WIN Max 2 is getting the Ryzen 7 6800U chips, AYANEO might push the release date earlier than the end of the year, as originally advertised.

How much will the AYANEO 2 cost?

Since the AYANEO 2021 starts at £999 or $1,231 – The AYANEO 2 will most probably be in the same ballpark. (Give or take $100-$200).

Where to buy AYANEO 2?

As always, your friendly geeks at DroiX will be the first retailers in the UK and Europe to stock them. We are working closely with AYANEO in each product release and that will not change with the AYANEO 2.

Currently, we don’t know more about the AYANEO 2, such as screen resolution, refresh rate, different SKUs and so on, but bookmark this post and we’ll keep you up to date. You can even sign-up for our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss any news that could potentially ruin your wallet.

In the meantime, check out the newly released AYANEO Next, ONEXPLAYER and AYANEO 2021 Pro below

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