GPD WIN 3 is now Released for Pre-Order

The GPD Win 3 is the latest iteration of the GPD Win series of handheld gaming PCs to hit the market – from the manufacturers of the popular GPD Win, GPD Win 2, GPD XD and more, GPD brings their numerous years of experience to light in this premium AAA gaming computer that fits in the palm of your hand.

Powered by an impressive 11th generation Intel Core i1135G7 CPU, cutting-edge 12th generation Iris Xe graphics, and 16GB of blazing fast LPDDR4x RAM, and a 1TB NVMe SSD, the GPD Win 3 will easily run video games from all generations, both new and old.

Size-wise, the GPD is approximately only 198x92x27mm, making it a portable handheld gaming computer that is like the Nintendo Switch in form-factor. The 5.5 inch IPS screen with a 1280x720p resolution, rated at 268 pixels-per-inch also allows for crisp visuals in all your games.

Need something more in-line with a desktop computer? The GPD Win 3 can be docked using the Thunderbolt 4 port in the bottom of the device, allowing you to connect multiple peripherals such as keyboards, mice, full-size monitors, RJ45 cables, and more!

With the power of Thunderbolt 4, you can even dock the GPD Win 3 with an external graphics card using eGFX technology, drastically improving your performance in games.

Even without a dock to connect peripherals, the GPD Win 3 has you covered – with built-in premium-quality gamepad controls, a backlit touch keyboard located underneath the screen (which you can slide the screen up to access), a fingerprint reader, and programmable bindable buttons located on the rear of the device, you can begin gaming straight away with minimal setup.

In line with the inherently portable nature of the device, the GPD Win 3 supports WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 out-of-the-box, ensuring smooth stable connections no matter where you are, and with the widest range of peripherals (headphones, etc.) possible.

Pre-Order the GPD WIN 3 below.

Note: Pre-Order means you will reserve your item until its release in early July