GPD WIN MAX 2 FAQ – What we know so far!

Earlier today via WeChat, a popular chinese messaging application, details surrounding GPD’s next foray into the world of handheld gaming PCs was announced. The GPD WIN MAX 2 is the successor to the popular GPD WIN MAX 2021 (which in and of itself was a successor to the original GPD WIN MAX released back in 2020). Specifications, renders and more have been unveiled, and we’ll go over all of them in the following GPD WIN MAX 2 FAQ!

Last update: 18th of May, 2022

GPD WIN MAX 2 Specifications

ModelAMD Ver.Intel Ver.
CPUAMD Ryzen 7 6800U
(8 Cores, 16 Threads, up to 4.7GHz)
Intel Core i7-1280P
(16 Cores, 20 Threads, up to 4.80GHz)
GPUAMD Radeon RX 680MIntel Iris Xe Graphics
RAM16GB or 32GB
LPDDR5 @ 6400MT/s
16GB or 32GB
LPDDR5 @ 5200 MT/s
Storage1TB or 2TB PCIE Gen 3
M.2 22*30 PCIE Gen 3 (Optional)
1TB or 2TB PCIE Gen 3
M.2 22*30 PCIE Gen 3 (Optional)
10.1 Inches
10.1 Inches
NetworkWi-Fi (unknown spec.)
4G LTE (Optional)
Wi-Fi (Unknown spec.)
4G LTE (Optional)
I/O10-point Touch Screen
Touch Pad
QWERTY Keyboard
Built-in Gaming Controller (Feat. Hall Sensor Joysticks)
Mappable Rear Buttons
Rumble Motor
10-point Touch Screen
Touch Pad
QWERTY Keyboard
Built-in Gaming Controller (Feat. Hall Sensor Joysticks)
Mappable Rear Buttons
Rumble Motor
InterfacesUSB Type A (USB3.2 Gen 2) x 2
HDMI 2.1
3.5mm Headphone Jack
USB-C (USB3.2 Gen 2)
USB-C (USB 4.0)
microSD Card Reader
SD Card Reader
USB Type A (3.2 Gen 2) x 2
HDMI 2.1
3.5mm Headphone Jack
USB-C (3.2 Gen 2)
USB-C (Thunderbolt 4)
microSD Card Reader
SD Card Reader

GPD WIN MAX 2 Versions

The GPD WIN MAX 2 comes in two versions.

One is an AMD variant featuring an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor. This CPU is built on the new Zen 3+ architecture, bringing with it various performance breakthroughs.

The other is an Intel variant featuring an Intel Core i7-1280P processor. This CPU boasts a whopping 16 cores – which is more than you’d find in most desktop computers nowadays.

Both of these are cutting edge CPUs that are sure to provide outstanding performance in AAA games, although how big an improvement they will be over the existing WIN MAX 2021 remains to be seen.

GPD WIN MAX 2 RAM Variations

The GPD WIN MAX 2 comes in both 16GB and 32GB variants when it comes to RAM. Both models feature LPDDR5 RAM, however, the AMD version features slightly faster memory which is rated at 6400MT/s — compared to the Intel variant’s slightly slower 5200MT/S.

USB 4 vs Thunderbolt 4

The Intel variant of the GPD WIN MAX 2 has one of its USB-C ports fill the role of a Thunderbolt 4 interface. This allows the device to easily connect to external GPUs and docking stations, among other features of the interface.

Whereas on the AMD variant, this port is repurposed into a generic USB 4.0 port. Which has lower minimum requirements for specifications across the board (lower transfer speeds, etc.). Additionally, USB 4 does close the feature-gap gap with support for external GPUs in the same vein as Thunderbolt 4.

Ultimately however, real-world performance is yet to be seen. We’ll update this GPD WIN MAX 2 FAQ with more information once it is available.

A More Thoughtful Design

The GPD WIN 2 features an entirely new design from it’s predecessor. A lot of thought appears to have gone into making the device more practical to use as a “daily driver”, rather than strictly a niche gaming laptop.

The first stand-out feature of the GPD WIN MAX 2 is in its display. The large 10.1 inch display with an odd vertical resolution of 2560x1600p features significantly smaller bezels than its predecessor. A common complaint about the GPD WIN max was it’s uncomfortably large bezels that took up a large portion of the display, so GPD appear to have listened on that part.

A camera is also included in the middle of the hinge, much like the GPD P2 Max 2022.

More thoughtful controls

The GPD WIN 2 features an entirely new design for the lower half of the unit.

While the analogue sticks and face buttons of the gaming controler are similar, they can now be covered by a magnetic panel – protecting them when not in use.

In addition, a few buttons have been rearranged and have been made easier to press (the Start, Select and Home buttons on the original GPD WIN MAX were notoriously impractical). The analogue sticks also feature magnetic “hall sensors” (similar to those seen in the AYANEO NEXT)

The keyboard also features a new layout. While it is still a QWERTY keyboard, the positions and sizes of the keys have been made more uniform, more closely matching a regular keyboard.

Finally, the GPD WIN MAX 2 also features two custom-mappable buttons on the underside/rear of the device, much like those seen on the GPD WIN 3.

Expanded SD Card Functionality

A rarity in modern devices — the GPD WIN MAX 2 will feature a full-sized microSD card reader, on top of the microSD card reader present in the original model. These readers are specified to support A2-level SDXC cards (featuring read and write speeds of up to 160MB/s), and allow you to expand the device’s storage by an additional 2TB.

It is unknown whether or not this 2TB is per-card, or not, and we will update this GPD WIN MAX 2 FAQ with further information once available.

In our opinion, this is an excellent way of storing any standalone games and applications, such as older PC titles, or any retro games you wish to emulate.

Freely Upgradable

The GPD WIN MAX 2 will feature an M.2 22*30 slot that can be used to connect another NVMe SSD to the device, to further expand its storage. The process of upgrading will be similar to the mechanism seen in the GPD WIN 2.

There will also be a slot for an optional 4G LTE module — allowing you to connect this device to mobile networks if you so wish. Drastically improving the device’s portability as you would be able to access the internet just about anywhere your mobile phone could.

Keep your hands… on?

Unlike the original GPD WIN MAX, the power button for the device has been moved to the side of the unit, and also now features a fingerprint sensor (on top of featuring a “one-touch” boot).

This position allows the power button to be hit with your thumb while in use, so you can quickly lock and/or unlock the system as you so wish.

GPD WIN MAX 2 Release Date

As per The Phawx (Gary Golomb)’s tweet, GPD just got their hands on a fresh new batch of the 6800U chips.

It appears as though GPD is hinting to have a working prototype of the GPD WIN Max 2 in June, 2022. We have already seen AYANEO with their AYANEO 2 announcement taking advantage of the 6800U chips, and we are happy to see GPD follow suit. So far, we have not heard any news from One Netbook in regards to an update to their lineup, but that should be due soon.

Thanks for reading our GPD WIN MAX 2 FAQ! We’ll update this article as more information becomes available!

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Details on the GPD WIN MAX 2 have been revealed! What does GPD's newest handheld gaming PC have in store? We find out -- and more!..Read full article

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