Latest Kodi/XBMC/SPMC/DBMC for TV set top box based on Android

DroiX® Media Centre 16.7 (based on SPMC Jarvis) can be downloaded from

We recommend this over the plain vanilla Kodi below, however customers are obviously free to choose either or both. Should you wish, you can have DBMC and Kodi installed at the same time without any problem, if you have enough internal storage space left on your device.

Kodi 16.1 Stable, available from


Older Versions

Kodi 16.0 Also referred to as Jarvis, from the Kodi team. See for details regarding some add-ons and this specific version.

KODI 15.2 (now with PVR addons)

Kodi 15.2 using MX Player as the default video player – if you have an older DroiX® that sometimes struggles with higher resolution (1080p especially) videos, this build is worth a try. Also useful if Kodi’s normal build results in video not being fully onscreen.

An earlier Isengard build of Kodi can be found here: KODI 15.1 Final 

The Helix build of Kodi can be found here: KODI 14.2 Final

Finally, for older devices (iMX6 for example) the Gotham build can be found here: XBMC/SPMC Gotham 13.3.3