MinisForum TL50 Review – High performance Intel gaming mini PC

MinisForum TL50 Review

In our MinisForum TL50 Review, we will be unboxing the mini PC, taking a look at its features, then run some system and gaming benchmarks to see its performance.

MinisForum TL50 Review Video

MinisForum TL50 Unboxing

Let’s start with the unboxing. Inside we have a quick start guide which is in multiple languages including English, German  and Chinese.

Quick start guide
Quick start guide

Next we have the TL50 Mini PC which we will show in more detail shortly. Underneath the packaging there is a HDMI cable.

Minisforum TL50 in wrapping
Minisforum TL50 in wrapping

There is a power brick and cable. We will include the correct adaptor for your country. Next, there is a drive bracket and SATA cables for installing a hard drive or SSD. And last but not least, there is a VESA mounting plate and screws to attach the TL50 to the back of your TV or monitor.

MinisForum TL50 Overview

The MinisForum TL50 measures around 5.9 x 5.9 x 2.2 inches (15 x 15 x 5.6 cm) and weighs 650g, keeping it within the dimensions of a small form factor PC. On the front are 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks, two USB 3 ports and a USB Type-C port.

The Type- C port is Thunderbolt 4 which is currently the latest I/O interface standard. The PCI Express standard provides up to 32Gbps data transmission speed and supports two 4K displays or one 8K screen. It can also support peripherals such as audio and video interfaces including eGPU (external graphics), as well as desktop storage devices.

MinisForum TL50 Dimensions and Front View
MinisForum TL50 Dimensions and Front View

On the back are two USB 2 and two USB 3 ports. There are two 2.5 gigabit ethernet ports for very fast data transfer. There is a DisplayPort and HDMI port for dual monitor display.  And finally there is a USB Type-C port which is used for the power supply.

TL50 Back View
TL50 Back View

Opening the bottom of the case reveals the replaceable NVME SSD. There is also space inside to install two 2.5” hard drives or SSDs to further expand the storage.

The internals of the TL50
The internals of the TL50

MinisForum TL50 Technical Specifications

A brief look at the tech specs.

PROCESSORIntel 11th Generation i5-1135G7
BASE / MAX FREQUENCY2.4 Ghz / 4.20 Ghz
GPUIntel Iris Xe Graphics
CONNECTIVITY2x RJ45 2.5 Gigabit
Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth 5.1
MinisForum TL50 Technical Specifications

System Benchmarks


PassMark runs a series of tests on the CPU, GPU, RAM and storage pushing them to the maximum load to provide an artificial performance rating.

Minisforum TL50 PassMark Benchmark
Minisforum TL50 PassMark Benchmark

The MinisForum TL50 scores 3,449 with around the average area for most tests, and above average for the storage speed. They are good scores overall.


PCMark runs a series of tests that cover real world tasks such as web browsing, media consumption, working with large office documents and much more. This gives us a good indication of performance for day to day tasks.

PCMark Benchmark
PCMark Benchmark

The TL50 scores 4,910 with very good scores across the tests. 


3DMark tests the CPU and GPU together to provide performance for tasks such as gaming, image processing and video decoding for example.

The MinisForum TL50 scores 1,500 with well above average scores compared to similar mini computer configurations.

Gaming Benchmarks

We continue our MinisForum TL50 review with some gaming mini PC benchmarks.

Street Fighter V

We start with Street Fighter V. We are running the first match benchmark at 1920×1080 and Maximum graphics settings.

Street Fighter V average FPS for first match
Street Fighter V average FPS for first match

The MinisForum TL50 scores an average of 38 frames at the end of the match,

Final Fantasy XIV 

Our next test is for Final Fantasy XIV running at 1920×1080 with High Desktop settings.

Final Fantasy V Benchmark for MinisForum TL50
Final Fantasy V Benchmark for MinisForum TL50

The TL50 scores 3,833 putting it just out of the Standard rating with Slightly Low.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Our next test is run for the default Lowest, Medium and Highest graphics levels to get a range of performance over the graphics settings.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Lowest, Medium and Highest graphics scores
Shadow of the Tomb Raider – Lowest, Medium and Highest graphics scores

The MinisForum TL50 scores 47 FPS on Lowest, 32 FPS on Medium and 27 on Highest.

Benchmark Summary

A quick recap of the benchmark scores.

STREET FIGHTER V38 FPS (average across first match)
SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDERLowest Graphics Settings: 47 FPS
Medium Graphics Settings: 32 FPS
Highest Graphics Settings: 27
MinisForum TL50 Benchmark Results

Overall the scores are very good for an Intel Mini PC that does not have a separate GPU. The system benchmarks scores are all very high meaning that you will see high performance from booting windows, loading software to using large office documents for example.

While it is not a gaming mini PC, the games benchmarks are still impressive. This is the same processor found in the GPD Win 3 i5 model and on the TL50 it performs a little faster most likely due to the cooling. Games can be very playable by lowering the resolution and/or graphics settings.

Streets of Rage 4 on MinisForum
Streets of Rage 4 on MinisForum

If you are looking for a mini PC for home or office work then the MinisForum TL50 comes highly recommended. It takes up very little desk space or can be mounted on the back of a display, it is very energy efficient and most importantly it is powerful enough to handle your day to day tasks.

Where to buy the MinisForum TL50

That wraps up this MinisForum TL50 review, we hope you have found it useful. You can learn more and buy the MinisForum TL50 here, or browse or range of Mini PC’s here.

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