Rii MX6 Wireless remote keyboard with Air Mouse and Microphone

The 3 in 1 Rii MX6 Remote features traditional remote buttons, a keyboard, air mouse functionality and a high-quality microphone to voice-control your device.

On one side of the Rii MX6 remote are the traditional control buttons that enable you to navigate menus and common controls. On the reverse side of the remote is a full QWERTY keyboard and additional navigation buttons. The air mouse feature allows you to wave your remote at the television to move the on-screen navigation cursor. It provides a convenient, fast and intuitive experience.

The remote is compatible with the Android devices such as the T8/T8-S/T8-S Plus/T8-SE, iMXQpro Line, Android TV, PC, PlayStation and XBOX.

Find out more about the Rii MX6 and buy yours today at https://droidbox.co.uk/rii-mx6-backlit-mini-keyboard-airmouse-remote.html.