S905X2 and S905Y2 benchmark results

The new generation of processors for Android devices are coming out and we have run a few tests on the S905X2 and S905Y2. Here are the results:

A95X Plus

For these tests we will be using the popular Android benchmarks: Antutu 6.x, Vellamo 3.x, and 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme v1.2 with results obtained from 3 TV boxes: iMXQpro Mini (Amlogic S905X), A95X Plus (S905Y2), and H96 Max X2 (4/32Gb & 4/64Gb) (S905X2). We have also included results for the Mali-G31 benchmark for graphics performance compared to the Mali-450MP3.

H96 Max X2 (available in 32Gb & 64Gb models

The best scores are highlighted in green.

 iMXQpro Mini
A95X Plus
H96 Max X2
CPU (1)4x core Cortex
A53 @ 1.51 GHz
4x core Cortex
A53 @ 1.80 GHz
4x Cortex
A53 @ 1.80Ghz
GPU (2)ARM Mali-450MP3Mali-G31Mali-G31
Antutu 6.x    
3D (1920×1080)3,0998,2848,146
Vellamo 3.x   
Browser1,855 (Browser)2,4502,692
3DMark – Ice Storm Extreme v1.2   
Total score4,1835,3375,249
Graphics score3,7094,6484,571
Physics score7,56111,09010,924

As you can see from the results, the S905Y2 and S905X2 outperform the S905X by a significant margin. With the Mali-G31 the scores see a big increase which is great for video rendering and physics intensive apps such as games and emulators.

There is comparatively little difference between the S905Y2 and S905X2 processors, but overall the S905Y2 edges past the S905X2 with overall better results.

You can find out more about both the A95X here, and the H96 Max 2 which is available in 32Gb and 64Gb at their respective links.

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