The DroiX Black Friday Sale Begins Today! [2021]

It’s finally here – the biggest sale event of the year! The DroiX Black Friday Sale has begun today! Running all the way until Sunday night (or 12:01AM GMT on November 29th, to be exact)! Not sure what you can buy during our sale? Check out some of the exclusive Black Friday sales you can score below.

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What IS Black Friday?

Black Friday is an unofficial American holiday that traditionally takes place the day after the American event of Thanksgiving (which takes place on the fourth Thursday of the month)

Because a lot of families are together over the Thanksgiving period, many use this time to go shopping together in preparation for Christmas.

Retailers soon picked up on this and began offering discounts on this date to entice more families to go out shopping. Providing large discounts on items they want to get rid of in order to make room for new stock.

Fast forward a few decades and this Friday, now known as “Black Friday” is a global phenomenon. Even if not every country celebrates Thanksgiving, it is difficult to not be aware of Black Friday!

What’s available in the DroiX Black Friday Sale?

We’re glad you asked! We at DroiX are a purveyor of gadgets and gizmos of all kinds, but our specialties lie in gaming handhelds and mini PCs in particular!

Big Savings On Retro Gaming Handhelds | DroiX Black Friday Sale

All of our best retro gaming handhelds are on sale during the DroiX Black Friday Sale. If you’re an avid gamer, or know someone who is, it’s the best time of year to get sweeping discounts on a number of the top retro gaming handhelds of 2021.

With crisp, clear displays. Responsive controls. And hundreds, upon thousands of games compatible with the systems. You can relieve the gaming classics in style and comfort.

Want to learn more about some of our choice picks? Check out our post earlier this week on some of the Retro Gaming Handheld Sale Highlights.

Real Deals For Mini PCs | DroiX Black Friday Sale

We’ve got a wide selection of mini PCs of all kinds on discount during the DroiX Black Friday Sale.

If you’re working from home or furnishing an office, how about one of our office mini PCs? Their modest pricing, subdued designs and respectable performance make them perfect workstations for productivity.

Or if your wallet is a bit tighter this year, but you still need a PC, consider a budget mini PC for the home or office. These PCs are low priced while still retaining a surprising amount of performance, and are perfect for low-intensity applications like emails, digital signage, and more.

Have cash to spare but still want to score the best deals? Check out our range of high-end mini PCs. With cutting edge processors and a slew of features and use cases, these premium PCs will easily handle just about any task you can throw at them.

We also have a number of PCs that are perfect for the gamers among us. These gaming mini PCs have high performance in the 3D graphics department, making them excellent for playing all the latest games at high resolutions and stable framerates.

The Best Sales For Handheld Gaming PCs | DroiX Black Friday Sale

So what if you want something a little more powerful than a retro gaming handheld, but don’t quite want to commit to a full mini PC setup. You should look into purchasing a handheld gaming PC in this case.

Handheld gaming PCs are all-in-one gaming PCs that can be held within the hand. Much like a Playstation Portable, Nintendo Switch, and other similar handhelds.

You can play AAA games on a device that is literally in the palm of your hand. If that isn’t incredible, we don’t know what is!

To learn more about some of the handheld gaming PCs on offer, check out our post earlier this week on some of the Handheld Gaming PC Sale Highlights.

Save Big on Android TV Boxes | DroiX Black Friday Sale

Are you the type to stream movies and IPTV constantly? Want a device to do just that while comfortably fitting under or beside your 4K TV?

If so, then you’ll be interested in our variety of ANdroid TV Boxes on sale this Black Friday! Small in size but rife with functionality, these android boxes are capable of connecting to tons of streaming services and apps. Delivering quality IPTV and movies to the comfort of your living room.

To see what kinds of Android TV boxes we have on sale during the DroiX Black Friday Sale, check out our Android TV Box Sale Highlights!

EVERYTHING IS ON SALE | DroiX Black Friday Sale

Just about everything on DroiX is on sale this Black Friday. Looking for a laptop? Check out our selection of highly portable Ultrabooks.

Need a gaming controller? Our gaming accessories are all discounted during the Black Friday sale!

How about an Air Mouse? That’s right, all our air mice and remotes are discounted!

There’s no better time than now to treat yourself or stock up on gifts for the hectic holiday season that lies ahead! So go ahead and check out the DroiX Black Friday Sale today!

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