The DroiX Black Friday Sale Has Been EXTENDED!

That’s right, you heard it here first. The DroiX Black Friday Sale has been extended!

The sale was initially only intended to run from 00:01 GMT on November the 26th, to 23:59 GMT on November the 28th. We have now extended the sale another 24 hours! The DroiX Black Friday Sale now ends at 23:59 GMT on November 29th.

We’re aware that not everyone may have been able to browse our selection of best deals over this weekend. If you still need to get your gift shopping in before the holiday season, there’s no better time than now!

DroiX is a reseller of all manner of unique gadgets and gizmos, sure to appeal to the tech nerd within all of us. We’re just as enthusiastic as you when it comes to new technology, so we’ve only curated the best ultrabooks, mini PCs, and more as part of our lineup during our Black Friday Sale!

Looking for a new retro gaming handheld to relieve the old gaming greats? Check out our Retro Gaming Handheld Black Friday Sale Highlights.

Need a gaming handheld with a bit- no, a lot more power? Have a look at our Handheld Gaming PC Black Friday Sale Highlights.

Perhaps you’re looking for a new computer instead. Ever considered a mini PC? We have models for all kinds of users:

All these and more are available at great discounts until midnight tonight! Click the tile below to be taken to our sale page!

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