The Kodi 17 FAQ

The official stable Kodi 17 release is now availableWe have prepared a FAQ with the aim of hopefully answering all your questions about the changes this new version will bring.

Can my device run Kodi 17?

Kodi 17 is the first version of this software to have an Operating System requirement of Android 5.x or above. This means that devices running Android 4 .4 or below will not be allowed to run the software. This is a decision by the Kodi developers as they want to introduce new features which Android 4.4 does not support. Here is a list of our devices and which operating system they use.

Android 6
iMXQpro v1 2017 model
iMXQpro v2 & iMXQpro v2 Gamer’s Edition
T8-S Plus v2 & T8-S Plus v2 Gamer’s Edition
T8 Mini & T8 Mini Gamer’s Edition

Android 5
iMXQpro v1 2016 model
T8-S Plus & T8-S Plus Gamer’s Edition

Android 4
M5 and K5
X8 and X8 Ultimate

The required files for these 4.4 based devices to have an Android 5 firmware have not yet been released by the chip manufacturers. If this changes in the future we will post the news on our blog.

Kodi 17 Krypton

What happens if my device is not Android 5 or above?

You can still continue to use Kodi 16.x as normal. This will be supported for some time by developers of addons etc.

When will Kodi 17 be released?

[UPDATE] Kodi 17 is now released.

The latest Kodi 17 version is Release Candidate 3 which means that it is currently for finding and fixing bugs before the final release. There is no set date for the final version of Kodi 17, it could be next week or next month.

When Kodi 17 final is released, where can I download it?

You can download Kodi 17 release from the developers homepage at or from the Google Play Store app on your device. We will also include it in a future firmware update for applicable devices if you want to it done automatically.

Are there any reasons not to update to Kodi 17 straight away?

For some people, it is their desire to have the latest versions of software on day one of release, though it can cause a lot of headaches for the first couple of weeks. There are actually a few reasons why you should not drop everything and go and install it on day one!

The first reason is stability, now that the software is available to a wider range of people it also means a lot more bugs are found. These are usually fixed within the first few weeks and released in another update.

Addon developers need some time to work on updating their addons/builds/wizards so they work well with Kodi 17. The way that addons and themes work in Kodi 17 has been changed and this can mean that addons/builds/wizards which work great on Kodi 16, may not work at all on 17.

Personally, I recommend waiting a couple of weeks before updating. Give it a bit of time for everything to settle down and make sure everything is working. If you have a great Kodi 16 setup, is there any reason to rush to 17 straight away?

When are DroiX releasing an OTA firmware update for your model, with Kodi 17?

We do not have an exact timetable of release dates as it depends on when Kodi 17 is released. We would expect it within a few weeks of the release, mainly as we need to test it works great on the devices and also for any bug fix updates in between. You can always download the latest version from the Kodi homepage or Google Play Store and update it manually.

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The official stable Kodi 17 release is now availableWe have prepared a FAQ with the aim of hopefully answering all..Read full article

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