Throttling By Netflix, Your ISP Isn’t To Blame! Really?!!

Netflix has essentially gone worldwide with their streaming service. With HD Movies and TV Shows (including some in 4K) this seemed like the right service for you and me & with the subscription price seemed OK for the average Joe.

Many Android device owners are complaining that Netflix has been throttled their so that their download speed is too low when watching content. Actually Netflix demanded all world ISPs to not to do any throttling to their service at all. No ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) are currently throttling Netflix or blocking any type of connection to their services.

The lack of throttling restrictions made Netflix very popular in the streaming age. However Netflix struggling with demand, their solution was to start throttling their users from their own servers and because this is not something they were meant to do, when asked why there is throttling and who was doing it, they started blaming the ‘Internet Provider’.

This news came out only recently when they ADMITTED THROTTLING. This shocked the streaming community. Netflix was a supporter of net neutrality, the idea that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally. However this news made some heads turn.

Netflix admitted this fact just recently and for a long time while ISP’s have been saying that they didn’t throttle Netflix at all. Users were left in the dark for a long time about this, while Netflix just change streams on users by throttling HD and 4k streams.

Netflix now plans to shift some of that control to viewers themselves. In May 2016, it was expected to make a “Data Saver” feature for mobile apps available to some subscribers. This would let them choose either to stream more, but with lower-quality video, if they have a smaller-capacity data plan or to increase video quality if they have a less-restrictive plan.

Netflix’s idea was “It’s about striking a balance that ensures a good streaming experience while avoiding unplanned fines from mobile providers.” (Source)

Netflix’s reasoning doesn’t take into account that ISPs have millions of customers on unlimited data plans who have been receiving degraded video quality despite not being subjected to data caps.

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Netflix has essentially gone worldwide with their streaming service. With HD Movies and TV Shows (including some in 4K) this..Read full article

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