Top 5 Mega drive games on the RG353P

Top 5 Mega drive games on the RG353P

So today we were at the office today on our RG353P retro gaming consoles and while we were playing we were having a very long and stressful debate on what the best games were on the the Mega Drive. So we wanted to share our (not biased at all) opinions on what the top 5 mega drive games are. Whether it was due to the gameplay, design, or just through sheer nostalgia lenses, we want to see if you agree with us!

Sonic the Hedgehog on RG353P

1: Sonic the Hedgehog

Released in 1991 and quickly becoming one of the best selling video games of all time. The original sonic the hedgehog game became a key player in the 16-bit era of games. the gameplay centering on sonics ability to run a high speeds through spring slops and bottomless pits, we think this 100% is the best game on the mega drive, no matter where you are with the RG353P retro console and with the game being very accessible regardless of age, you can easily pull out this game and play to your hearts content.

2: Gunstar Heroes

This run-and-gun shooter was released in 1993. Gunstar heroes was critical success, being praised for its frenzied action and sporting graphics ahead of its time. This game can be played single player or even cooperatively, you take on the role of Gunstar Red as you battle with an evil empire over control of very powerful though very ambiguous set of gems. the game is very flexible too, as you can choose to play it in any order and in two different playstyles, this game is great for anyone who enjoys the wacky and random type of gameplay that gives you freedom to make your own choices on how to be wacky and random.

3: Streets of rage 2

Streets of rage 2 is a side-scrolling beat-em up released by Sega in 1992. This game was hailed as its game engine was maturing, it had more intricate fight moves than its predecessor, a great soundtrack and having more cartridge space which allowed for smoother more vibrant graphics. With a variety of stages and bosses, you will never be bored while playing this sick game on the RG353P retro console.

4: Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master

For those of you who want a game that has a high skill cap, Shinobi 3 is an excellent choice. Compared to its predecessor, the action is incredibly smoother, with alot of emphasis on speed, you are equipped with an array of moves and crazy ninja techniques. you can use lightning as a shield, summon fiery dragons, and even boost the height in which your character can jump to. This game despite being less difficult than its previous entry, offers a high skill ceiling with an assortment of cool ways to play.

5: Thunder Force 3

Last but not least we have thunder force 3 for all you sci fi space scroll shooting enthusiasts! Released in 1990, Thunder force 3 was one of the games that set the trend for the horizontally aligned stage format. You are able to choose between 5 initial planets to shoot your way through with even more stages to clear once you’ve beaten theme all. Thunder force 3 is great for those who used to play other games like Gradius.

Despite what we think, these are only but 5 of the thousands of games that are available to play on the RG353P retro gaming console. We think you’ll enjoy all of these games, but there are so many more out there for you to discover and play, and with the RG353P you can do all of this on the go on your travels! If you would like to look at the retro game console your self check out the RG353P here! You can find out more about the RG353P if you take a look at this review,

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We were playing on the RG353P, and here are our opinions on the top 5 Mega Drive/Genesis games from blue hedgehogs to space fighting!..Read full article

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