Why the DroiX® Go mini projector is the PERFECT present!

Android DLP Projectors
DroidBOX® Go Pink Rose Mini DLP Smart Handheld Android powered projector

Our DroiX® Go mini projector is the perfect present for those who desire a big screen. The DroiX® Go is small enough to fit in your bag or coat pocket, battery and mains powered, and runs the Android operating system much like your standard DroiX® Android powered Kodi TV boxes.

The DroiX® Go mini projector has many uses, from watching TV and gaming on a big screen through to office presentations. The portability and built-in Android makes it an all in one device, and turns any wall into a smart TV!

You can find out more information and buy the Go on our page at https://droidbox.co.uk/droidbox-go-android-mini-pico-led-handheld-pocket-dlp-air-projector-rk3128.html.