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Don’t let Chinese Hackers Steal Your Banking Information!


In a recent post we mentioned that purchasing preloaded devices can pose a serious security risk to not just your Android device, but also other hardware that is connected to your home’s network.

Today, we wanted to expand on that a little, and get into the details of what can happen, and how to avoid it.

We’ll start off with a nice infographic to give you an overall feel for the current situation with one particular area of malware, though many of the warnings and conclusions apply throughout the malicious code area. Click the picture to be taken to the article with a full sized version of the image.

If that seems like to much scrolling, the ultra compressed version is simple to remember:

Don’t buy “fully-loaded” Chinese devices from unknown sellers and don’t use untrusted applications!

Ransomware Prevention
Click the image above to view it full size: Ransomware Virus Prevention: A Guide

See Symantec’s report here for more information regarding the need to consider security on any digital device. There are a couple of Android specific sections you can click on in the index to jump straight to the relevant paragraphs.

So, you are now aware of the threats you may come across. Forewarned is forearmed, after all. But, how about actually stopping malicious code from executing on your Android set top box? There are a bewildering number of applications available to defend your digital device – we’ve boiled it down to the major players, those that have been in the business a while and have impressive research facilities.


Don’t install more than one unless the author expressly recommends it (for example if you have one Anti-Malware and one Anti-Virus application with no overlap).

Once you have protection in place, consider the other aspects of security. If you regularly install applications without using Google’s Play Store

If adverts pop up, masquerading as genuine System Alerts (Warning: Your device is underperforming!) never, EVER click on them. Look for an X to click on to close the advert, or press the Return arrow button on your remote control. If that doesn’t work, press the home button.

Another good read can be found at https://www.smartfile.com/blog/ransomware-virus-prevention/ . Again, as ransomware is becoming more prevalent, the article concentrates on that type of infection

If you come to this post with an already infected device, and the applications linked to in our Antivirus Malware Protection For Android Devices post, most can be removed with a factory reset, please see https://droix.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360010555678-Accessing-Your-DroiX-s-Recovery-Menu for details on how to do this with DroiX set top boxes. You will lose your data and settings, but do install an antivirus application again afterwards, and make sure the infection has been removed.

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In a recent post we mentioned that purchasing preloaded devices can pose a serious security risk to not just your..Read full article

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