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DroiX® iMXQpro How To Guide

DroidBOX® iMXQpro isometric view

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We hope it will assist you with setting up and using your device.

Common questions and solutions

Getting started

Getting your iMXQpro set up
Setting up a Kids Profile for DBMC or Kodi

Fixing known issues

BT Home Hub Smart Setup causing Script Errors
How to use Quick Support

Turning on and setting up your iMXQpro for the first time

Before we delve too deeply, one imporant thing to point out straight away – please always close down Kodi/DBMC properly! If you don’t, some changes may not be saved and temporary files will be left cluttering up your device. To close the Kodi or DBMC applications down, return to the app’s homescreen and then look for Power, Exit or Quit menus. If the skin in use is based on Confluence, you will probably instead find a little Power/Standby icon in the bottom left corner, next to the picture of a star. However the closedown is initiated, wait for the application to close down completely.

If after some time apps won’t install and videos stop abruptly, you may may be running low on space, see https://droix.co.uk/running-low-can-bring-you-down/ and if you had previously only ever pressed the home button on your remote when finished with Kodi or DBMC, see the paragraph above.


Your iMXQpro will either need a network cable (ethernet) attached, or the WiFi password/key entered. From the homescreen, click the icon of two cogs to be taken to the Settings area. You can select Network from here and configure your Ethernet or WiFi settings as required.


Google’s Play Store is a good way to not only keep your existing applications up to date and secure, but also to find new apps to install. If you’ve not used it before, please check the video below:

You will also find the DroiX Market application installed on your device. This is another marketplace for Android apps, which contains some entries not included in the Play Store.


If you are considering installing an anti malware scanner then visit https://droix.co.uk/antivirus-malware-protection-for-android-devices/ for a run down of some of the popular systems.

Once your system is setup you will probably want to get started with DBMC (DroidBOX® Media Centre) or Kodi. Covering both configuration for your existing media library and the basics of online media streams via add-ons, https://droix.co.uk/setting-up-kodi-the-right-way/ is well worth a read.


Finally, for this section, please read about our DroiX Control Centre application. It is there to help guide you and apply fixes if you get stuck.



Setting up a Kids Profile for DBMC or Kodi

It can be handy to set up a kids profile so they can safely watch media without the chance of them seeing something they shouldn’t.


BT Home Hub Smart Setup causing Script Errors

Customers who use BT’s Smart or Home Hub modem/router can encounter an issue where new devices are denied full network access. This Wizard completion can be easily sorted with a few simple steps seen in the video below.

Some more links on the ISP’s blocking content (Virgin & BT Customers):

For more information about their Parental Controls, please see BT’s page at BT webpage – Stay safe with BT Parental Controls


How to use Quick Support

You may encounter an issue that you cannot solve yourself or using one of the many helpful videos on this site and YouTube. If you call our support team, they may need to “remote” into your DroiX® to help you solve the issue. To do this they use software called Quick Support. You can see what you will need to do on their request in the video below.

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