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Get Fully Notified When New Notifications Arrive!

Play Store Heads Up Notifications Page

Want to know when new emails arrive, if that download has finished or whether your character has finished healing in the game?

Some devices running Android 5 hide the notifications away. If you have a remote control that can easily move an on screen cursor, click at the top of the screen and drag down (so don’t left go of the OK/Left Mouse Button key until you’ve finished swiping down).

If a bar doesn’t appear, you can still use “Heads-up Notifications”, see https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=codes.simen.l50notifications for more information about the app.

To use this new notification system:

  1. Open the Play Store app on your DroidBOX device. If you’ve not signed in and used it before, you might want to click over to https://droix.co.uk/first-run-of-googles-play-store first.
    Play Store Opened
  2. In the search bar at the top, enter these words:
    heads-up notifications
    Play Store Enter Search
  3. You will see multiple results, it is the app by simen.codes that we are looking at
    Play Store Search Results
  4. Once clicked on, select the Install button
    Play Store Heads Up Notifications Page
  5. Make sure you are happy accepting the permissions it requests (Android 5 users, Android 6 users will be asked when the app is opened)
    Play Store Heads Up Notifications Accept Permissions
  6. Following the application’s installation, click the Open button
    Play Store Heads Up Notifications Installed


What Now?

You will now need to follow the on screen instructions…

  1. Heads Up Notifications First Run
    Click the Toggle Heads-Up button
  2. Heads Up Notifications Notification Access
    Tick the Heads-up notifications entry in the Notification Access area shown on your screen
  3. Heads Up Notifications Notification Access Confirm
    Click OK when asked if you’re sure
  4. Heads Up Notifications Notification Access Now Ticked
    The same screen will return, but the box should be ticked now
    Click the Return button on your remote (it looks a bit like an arrow limbo dancing)
  5. Heads Up Notifications Success
    You should now see a confirmation on your screen that the system is working, with this confirmation itself being the proof!
  6. Heads Up Notifications Settings
    If you want to fine tune the settings (to make it easier to dismiss the notifications or other behaviour), click the Settings button and you will see a lot of tweaking can be done.
  7. You’re finished! You can press Return or the Home button on your remote.
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