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Great NES games to play on the RS-97 retro game and emulator handheld

Here are just five of the many great NES games you can play on the RS-97. There are hundreds to choose from, so this is by no means the best five, just five we like to play.

15% discount code for RS-97 and RS-07 at DroiX, use the code DRXRETRO15 on the Checkout! You can find out more and buy yours at https://droidbox.co.uk/retro-gaming-consoles.html

Play all your favourite retro games with the DroiX RS-97, available in White and Transparent, and RS-97 Pro gaming handheld. Consoles emulated include Capcom Play System, NeoGeo, GameBoy Advance, Super Nintendo, Megadrive / Genesis, NES, GameBoy Color, Sega Master System, GameGear and Gameboy

The RS-97 is also custom firmware supported. With an up to 32Gb Micro SD card you can install a custom firmware such as OpenDingux which has support for even more systems including Amiga, PlayStation, Arcade and ZX Spectrum. See our forums for more details.

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