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How To Easily Find The TOTAL RAM On Your Android Device

Google's Play Store Home Screen

If you’ve ever noticed the total amount of RAM reported by most Android applications is lower than the number on your device’s box, this post is for you.

Covered a little more at https://droidbox.co.uk/blog/hidden-but-not-lost-where-your-memory-is-hiding , you can see an example below (taken in Kodi (Android) on a DroidBOX® T8 Mini).


Android Kodi RAM Report

Although the T8 Mini has 2Gb (2048Mb) of RAM, only 1743Mb is reported.  You can see a similar result if you switch to the OpenELEC operating system, see below:

OpenELEC Kodi RAM Report

Whether you have a T8 Mini, another Android device from DroiX®, or indeed a device from someone else, there is an application at Google’s Play Store that can reassure anyone still looking for more confirmation.


The result from this application can seen here:

RAM Truth RAM Report Total Including Reserved
To install this application on your own Android device (phone, set top box or tablet), open Google’s Play Store. If you’ve not used it before, please visit https://droix.co.uk/first-run-of-googles-play-store/ .

Google's Play Store Home Screen


Once open, click on the search box at the top, and type in ram store then press the Enter/Return/Go button.

Playstore Enter Search Term ram truth


You should see results similar to the screenshot below. You can either click the RAM Truth entry, or the Menu icon (three dots) and directly Install from there.

RAM Truth In Play Store Search Results

If you clicked the entry itself, you can now click the Install button

RAM Truth In Play Store Search Entry Clicked

After a few moments, the application will be installed and you can click the Open button

RAM Truth In Play Store Once Installed

Once run, you should find that the Reserved and User totals add up to the advertised specification (be it 512Mb for very old devices, 1Gb, 2Gb or more).

RAM Truth RAM Report Total Including Reserved

We hope this guide has helped for anyone curious about the total RAM to be found in their Android set top box or other device.

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