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How To Fix “Please Enter At Least Eight Key” Registration Request

Activation Code Request

If you own a DroiX device (if your device is not a DroiX model and was sold by someone else, please contact them directly, as we will not be able to assist) and see “Please enter at least eight key” when you turn on your device, please contact us with either your order number/ID or the full delivery address, including the postcode.

Activation Code Request

If you prefer, you can send us an email directly ( [email protected] ), start a text session during office hours at our main site – https://droix.co.uk/ with the chat widget.

Activation Code Accepted

We will generate the code and pass it on for you to enter.

Once this code is entered, it should not be asked for again unless all data is wiped from the device during an OTA firmware update, or you perform a factory reset.

Launcher On Boot No Request

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DroiX X8-U

The new DroiX X8 Ultimate is your full media center solution for outputs at the highest resolutions.

T95Z Plus - Standing up showing I/O

DroiX T95Z Plus

The DroiX T95Z Plus, an Android Powered Kodi TV BOX, is the perfect product for people who want the best without that attracting a huge price premium.
It can turn any TV into a Smart TV! It is ideal for both people new to this sort of device and experienced users.
The T95Z features a 1.5GHz Amlogic S912 processor with 2 or 3GB RAM and 16 or 32GB storage.(Depending on the model you purchase)
The design is sleek and compact and will complement many TV stands.
The T95Z also comes with 802.11n Dual-Band WiFi, so you easily have enough bandwidth available to use your home network to the full!

NS02 Gaming Controller shown from the front

NS02 Bluetooth Gamepad

    • Compatible with Android,Linux,PlayStation 3
    • Designed for Mobile Gaming
    • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0
    • Compact form-factor
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