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DroiX® i9 Mini Keyboard How To Guide


The DroiX® i9 Mini Keyboard is perfect for people without acres of space, who still want to maintain complete control over their device!


To begin using your i9 premium remote control, charge the mini keyboard and once complete, take the USB dongle from side of your controller and insert it into one of your DroiX device’s USB sockets. Please note if you insert the USB dongle into a different device, the DroiX will NOT be controlled by the i9.

Turn the i9 mini keyboard on with the power switch (left hand side of the controller) and you should see an on screen cursor move if you drag your finger across the touchpad.

If you have a long list to read on your TV, you can hold down the FN key (bottom left) and then use the touchpad to directly scroll around (the application on screen at the time will need to support this function).

Please note that the i9 mini keyboard will save battery power by sleeping if not used. To wake it up again, simple press any button.
DroiX® i9 Mini Keyboard Premium Remote Control

Other Key Combos

To alter some settings on your i9, you will need to use the FN button. You hold this button down, then tap the second key as appropriate…

  • To turn the backlight off or on again, hold FN and tap the key bottom right of the controller.
  • Holding FN and pressing the Space Bar will adjust how quickly the on screen cursor tracks, in comparison to the speed of your finger’s movement across the trackpad.
  • If you need to disable the touchpad for some time, hold FN and tap the Alt key. To re-enable the touchpad again, hold the same combination for a moment again.
  • You should not need to re-pair the i9 and the USB dongle, but should the situation demand it, holding FN and tapping the | key (almost bottom right) will initiate this procedure.


Finally, if you would like to remap some of the buttons on this (or any other controller), please see https://droix.co.uk/remapping-remote-control-buttons-in-android/



  • Is the USB dongle inserted in the correct device? Do not use your TV’s USB sockets unless this is the only device you want to control!
  • Try using a different USB socket on your device to insert the dongle into.
  • Has the i9 been fully charged with the included cable? If the low-charge indicator LED is flashing, please connect the charging cable as soon as possible. If the charge becomes too low, the controller will turn itself off automatically.
  • Please make sure the distance between the dongle and the controller is not too great. Outdoors the signal can reach 10 metres, inside a house walls and surrounding electronic equipment can bring this range down.
  • If your i9 controller gets dirty, operations will not work as smoothly. Carefully clean the touchpad with a dry lintfree cloth.

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