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How to Clear App Data on Android 6 & 7 devices

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This guide demonstrates how to clear app data for Android 6 and Android 7 devices.  You can watch the video demo which starts with Android 6, skip to 48 seconds for Android 7, or follow the text guide below.

Android 6 & Android 7 steps

  • From the homescreen, choose the Settings icon (two cogs).
  • Navigate to the Apps icon and choose this.
  • You may need to wait a few moments for the apps to populate on the screen. Choose the app icon for which one you wish to delete.
  • Choose Clear Data.
  • Choose OK to confirm you wish to clear data for the app you have chosen.
  • It will take a few moments to clear the data. It will now show 0.0 B or 0 B below Clear Data, depending on the Android version when cleared.
  • The process to clear the data is now complete.


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