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How to Delete and Disable Add-Ons in Kodi


Whether you have a broken add-on, or an add-on that only works if you have extra hardware in your house somewhere, there may be a time when you want to stop an add-on from being loaded.

Open Kodi, click on the System or Settings menu, then select Add-ons. From here, you need to go to Enabled or My Add-ons. Normally, you’ll need to head to Video Add-ons now (or PVR clients if you get messages about DVB, or other TV card add-ons), but if you can’t find the add-on you want to disable or remove in this list, please check the other lists shown before you click on Video Add-ons.

In either case, once you’ve located the add-on you’re interested in, click on it, then select Uninstall or Disable.

Now return to Kodi’s homescreen (there is normally a shortcut for this, with an icon of a home), click the power/standby icon and then select Exit. Some skins will instead have a Power/Quit/Exit menu option. Now restart Kodi, and if you get any further messages about add-ons you don’t need, repeat the process.

For Video Reference Please Check The Video Below Were We Disable Ororo Tv Addon:



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