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How to fix Squashed or Stretched screen on your Android TV Box


There are two main reasons why the image displayed on your TV might not be quite right…

  1. The wrong resolution is being used. The DroiX® requests information from your TV regarding compatible and native resolutions. Sometimes the response is not correct, and you may find your 1080p or 4K capable display is being sent a 720p signal instead.
  2. If the resolution has been checked and the issue still remains, you’ll need to check Screen Scaling/Size.

As an example of the sort of issue you may be facing, we have the Wikipedia logo below, in it’s full glory…

Wikipedia Full

If you viewed this image in a video, and either the resolution was incorrectly set or the image needed scaling, then you might see something closer to this:

Wikipedia Logo Cropped

The first thing to check are the available modes on your television or monitor. Full, 16:9, 16:10, Default, 1:1 Pixel Map are worth keeping an eye out for.

Once content that your TV is using the correct aspect ratio and isn’t clipping any content, we’ll need to look at your DroiX® device’s configuration.

Different DroiX® models have different firmwares, so the exact look of the Settings area can differ from one box to the next.

If you have a Settings shortcut on your homescreen, please click it. The icon will normally be one/two cogs or some sliders in a square.

If you don’t have such a shortcut, look for the list of all installed applications. This shortcut is normally a circle with six dots, or an icon labelled “My Apps”. Having opened this, look for and click on the Settings shortcut.

With Settings now open, the next step will depend on the interface you now see.

If you have a colourful tabbed Settings area

T8 Launcher Homescreen
T8 Settings First Network
T8 Settings Second Display
T8 Settings Second Display Auto Off HDMI Output
T8 Settings Second Display Set Display Position

Click the Display tab. Now turn off the HDMI Auto-detection mode and try 1080p at 60Hz. If you’re now able to see the entire interface on your TV, you have finished.

If you find that the selected resolution doesn’t work at all, please press NOTHING at all for about 15 seconds, your device will revert to the previously saved setting.

If the new resolution displays, but still has sections missing, try the other refresh rates and resolutions listed as available.

If none of these setting changes help, check the native resolution of your TV (try googling the make and model shown on the back of your television) and set the DroiX® to use this.
Now click the Set Display Position entry and follow the onscreen instructions to adjust the scaling factor used. Press the Return (Go back/an arrow doing a backflip) button to save this new setting, otherwise it will be lost when you reboot.

If you have a monochrome interface for Settings with options listed down the left

X7 Display Settings

Click the Screen or Display entries and follow the same steps as above – turn off Automatic HDMI mode selection, try setting to 1920x1080@60Hz and others. If this doesn’t help, click the Screen scale or similarly titled entry.

If you have a monochrome interface with rows and columns of Settings shortcuts

3 Dial Launcher T8 T8-S T8-S Plus
T8-S Plus Settings Clicked
T8-S Plus Display Clicked
T8-S Plus Screen Resolution Clicked
T8-S Plus Screen Position Clicked

Click Display, now Screen Resolution. Turn off Auto switch to best resolution. As with other devices, try switching to 1080p at 60Hz and other resolutions.

If that doesn’t help, return to Settings and then Display but this time click Screen Position to change the amount of zoom to use with your screen.


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