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Learn more about the T8 and T8-S Launcher Home Screen


This is a screenshot of a typical T8 and T8-S launcher homescreen…



There are some extra shortcuts on the right and you’ve probably got the buttons at the very bottom hidden, but other than that (working from left to right, splitting into thirds):

Left section

Top left is obvious in terms of time and date. Click the area to the right if you’d like weather reports.
Below that we have DroidBOX® Share (T8-S has this insstalled) and the blue swirly icon is for the Flix Universe app.
Bottom left is the free RAM available, click it to free up some when possible
The six dots in a circle is the standard Android icon for the list of all applications installed.


Middle section

XBMC shortcut. Will open Kodi (new name for XBMC).
The globe opens the browser app, the shopping bag is Google’s Play Store.
The office filing envelopes are for the File Manager (though some prefer ES File Explorer)
The cogs take you to Settings


Right section

Clicking the magnifying glass will open Google Now if it is enabled, or allow you to turn it on if not.
Under My Favorite you can add and remove shortcuts to the apps you’ll see when you click the six dots in a circle icon on the left. Tick or untick the apps you want after clicking the ± sign and then press the Return button on your remote to save the selection.


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