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LibreELEC Tips

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This article covers a few tips for using LibreELEC

How To Reboot Back To Android

There are two ways to do this.

1 – Boot Menu

When you first switch on your device, you can press the Menu button on your device’s IR remote and it will switch to the other OS, so from LibreELEC to Android or vice-versa.

2 – Power Icon

Click on the Power Icon symbol and choose Reboot To Android. If this option is missing then you likely have a custom skin installed. You can change back to the default one following the video guide above or by going to Settings -> Interface Settings -> Skin and choose the default theme called Estuary.


How to clear data on LibreELEC

You can watch the above video from 1:00 in for how to do this. Or go to Settings -> LibreELEC -> Reset System Settings To Defaults. Once initiated, the device will reboot and clear the data.


How to connect to WiFi

You can watch the above video from 1:30 for how to do this. Or go to Settings -> LibreELEC -> Connections and then locate your WiFi access point then enter the password. It will connect to the access point and the status will show as online.

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