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How to Uninstall System Apps Without Root in Android

May 23, 2021 13
When you buy a new Android phone, chances are it comes with plenty of preinstalled bloatware. While you can uninstall those third party bloatware apps, some of the apps are installed as system apps and cannot be removed. This is especially true for the whole suite of Google apps. If you are not a f...
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How To Install Netflix On Your Android TV Box

April 14, 2021 18
DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a guaranteed method of making Netflix work. Android TV boxes and various big-ticket streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+, and so on, are in a rather peculiar spot at the time of writing. While you likely won't be able to see these apps on the Play Store, that doesn't n...
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Can’t Connect To WiFi?

April 9, 2021 85
If you haven't yet rebooted your router (modem/AP/network box), please remove the power from it, leave it for 30 seconds, then reconnect the power. Wait 2 minutes and check if the DroiX® is now happy to connect or not. The DroiX® device itself has been turned off (rather than just left to sleep) and...
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How to fix common issues with your Android TV Box

April 9, 2021 25
We have collected all information to troubleshoot your device in one place. LibreELEC We have also created some support resources for customers who have the LibreELEC operating system installed on their device. https://droix.co.uk/libreelec-basics covers the fundamentals, whilst https://droix...
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DroiX Share How-TO

April 9, 2021 40
Please watch the video below: (more…)
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How To Factory Reset the DroiX X3

April 5, 2021 168
This guide covers how to perform a factory reset on the DroiX X3. (more…)
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How to perform an OTA update on DroiX X3

April 5, 2021 190
Performing an OTA update on the DroiX X3 is very easy. Read on for a step by step guide on how to. (more…)
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Update or Reinstall the DroiX X3 firmware from Micro SD Card or USB stick

April 5, 2021 74
Updating or reinstalling the firmware on the DroiX X3 is easily done with a SD Card or USB stick. (more…)
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How to reflash your DroidBOX with a SD Card

April 6, 2021 4
This guide demonstrates how to reflash a firmware to your DroidBOX. Before proceeding, please ensure you have the correct firmware for your device. Using the wrong firmware can prevent your DroidBOX from working. You can find the firmware on the DroidBOX forums or in the email that we send to you. ...
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LibreELEC Tips

April 6, 2021 21
This article covers a few tips for using LibreELEC How To Reboot Back To Android There are two ways to do this. 1 - Boot Menu When you first switch on your device, you can press the Menu button on your device's IR remote and it will switch to the other OS, so from LibreELEC to Android or vice-ver...
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