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How to reflash your DroidBOX with a SD Card

April 6, 2021 4
This guide demonstrates how to reflash a firmware to your DroidBOX. Before proceeding, please ensure you have the correct firmware for your device. Using the wrong firmware can prevent your DroidBOX from working. You can find the firmware on the DroidBOX forums or in the email that we send to you. ...
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LibreELEC Tips

April 6, 2021 21
This article covers a few tips for using LibreELEC How To Reboot Back To Android There are two ways to do this. 1 - Boot Menu When you first switch on your device, you can press the Menu button on your device's IR remote and it will switch to the other OS, so from LibreELEC to Android or vice-ver...
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Android box disconnecting after 20 minutes with Sky router?

April 6, 2021 35
If you are finding that your connection drops after 20 minutes when using a Sky router, the following should fix the issue. Using any web browser, log into the router by entering in the address bar Select "Advanced" Use "admin" and "sky" to log in Select "LAN/IP setup" option Scroll down...
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LibreELEC Basics

April 6, 2021 32
Have a device with the LibreELEC operating system, and aren't sure how to use it? This post will guide you through configuring LibreELEC, both from the first-run Wizard and using a program add-on (more…)
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Copying Files To And From LibreELEC’s Storage

April 6, 2021 135
If you find you want to transfer files to your DroiX device, whilst it is using the LibreELEC operating system, this post explains how to do so (more…)
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Checking Your Drive’s Partition(s) On An Android Powered Kodi TV Box

April 6, 2021 30
This article is for owners of a DroiX T8-S, T8-S Plus (v1 and v2) who have installed a hard drive. Although you can remove the hard drive from your DroiX internal bay and attach it to a PC to check the partition(s), you can also leave it in place and use an Android application instead. (more&hellip...
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Running Android 4.x And No Connection Made In IPVanish?

April 6, 2021 18
Rare that you need it, but when you do, the "TUN.ko installer" from Google's Play Store is a life saver for VPN applications not working/connecting. (more…)
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How To Enable Your Remote To Turn On Your DroiX iMXQpro (Both V1 and V2)

April 6, 2021 109
iMXQpro V1 and V2 owners may have seen an entry in the Settings area related to the power key/button. (more…)
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How To Find Your DroiX Android Mini PC’s Device ID

April 6, 2021 124
If you have arrived at this post, you either already know what a device ID is, or have been asked to provide it and would like help locating it. (more…)
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Using a VPN in LibreELEC

April 6, 2021 77
Want to use your VPN connection within the LibreELEC operating system, but not sure how to? (more…)
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