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How to update GPD Win 3 BIOS with a firmware update

July 29, 2021
Updating the GPD Win 3 BIOS is important as it will keep your device up to date and fix any found bugs or issues. You can watch our short video below or follow our step by step guide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNc7jVEiFeI First of all you will need to download and extract the firmware...
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How To Add Games To The RG351P

June 17, 2021
Want to add more games to your RG351P? We at DroiX outline the ways you can do so in this guide...
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How To Re-Flash – GPD Win 3 (or: How to Install Windows On GPD Win 3)

June 3, 2021 1
Looking to reinstall Windows on your GPD Win 3? Look no further than this guide!
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How To: Factory Reset – GPD Win 3

August 2, 2021 29
Hi there! With the GPD Win 3 on it's way in the coming months, we at DroiX thought it might be helpful to create a quick guide going over how to factory reset your GPD Win 3. Factory resetting is a way of returning the device to it's default, "factory-fresh" state. Removing programs and restorin...
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How To Upgrade/Re-Flash your Retroid Pocket 2 (The Easy Way)

September 1, 2021 40
Welcome! We at DroiX recently started selling the popular Retroid Pocket 2 retro gaming handheld. The Retroid Pocket 2 comes with Android 6.0 installed, but there does exist an official update to Android 8.1, so we felt it would be helpful to create a guide that walks you through the process. R...
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GPD XD Plus Miravision Display Settings

April 6, 2021 25
The GPD XD Plus has a great H-IPS display and you can easily tweak some settings to get the best out of it, or change to your personal preferences. You can do this with the built in Miravision app which you can access below in our step by step guide. Please note that the settings will only affect th...
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Flashing GPD XD+ (Plus) Firmware

April 6, 2021 48
IMPORTANT: This guide is for the GPD XD+ (Plus) only, NOT the GPD XD. Do not attempt to install this on the GPD XD as it may cause irreversible damage to the device! Download one of the firmware files and Flashing Tool file to your PC. Firmware The latest firmware can be downloaded from https:...
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How to update your GPD XD firmware

April 6, 2021 119
Your current configuration (settings, applications themselves) will be removed when you complete the process, so make sure you've backed up or have alternative sources for anything you want to keep. The games that were originally preinstalled will not be there, so make sure Bitgames Center or HappyC...
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How to fix Google Play Store Not Certified error

April 6, 2021 156
If you are trying to log in to the Google Play Centre and getting a Not Certified error, please read the following guide on how to resolve this issue. (more…)
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How to update your DroiX firmware and apps

April 6, 2021 135
Note: If you have a T8 SE or iMXQpro Mini please follow the guide here to update your firmware. Please watch the below video for how to update the firmware and apps on your device. The OTA updater app is an app that serves to update your DroiX. The firmware releases may or may not contain OS upda...
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