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Find guides and more information about our Mini Computers running the latest Intel and AMD Processors

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How To Troubleshoot Your Network – Essential Network Troubleshooting Techniques

April 16, 2021 41
If you're here, this means you at some point have encountered, or are currently dealing with an unstable or non-functional network connection on a device you own. Perhaps it's a mini PC, or a laptop. The crux of the matter is: "It's not working well, so how can I fix this?" Read on and we at Dro...
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How To Assemble The DMAF5/UM250/UM700

April 6, 2021 34
The DMAF5 is a PC that we at DroiX have recently started stocking this Winter season. It's proved quite popular, so we felt it'd be appropriate to write a little article about how you upgrade it. Like most of our mid-range PC's and beyond, the DMAF5 is somewhat upgradable beyond the configurations w...
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How to install Windows 10 on DroiX CK2

April 5, 2021 127
This guide shows how to install Windows on the CK2 should you need to do it. You will need: A 16GB or larger USB stick CK2 Windows installer: Download the CK2 Windows 10 installation image in two parts here and here. Extract the file using an app such as 7zip, WinRAR, Zip etc. Disk image writing ...
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How To Remotely Control Your DroiX® Windows Powered Device

April 6, 2021 36
If you have one of our mini home theatre PCs like the T11, W8 Pro or W10 Pro that run Windows, we think you may find this post of interest. (more…)
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How to format and assign a drive letter to a SSD

April 6, 2021 59
You can buy a range of M.2 NGFF SSD Card from https://droix.net/collections/hardware-components When you purchase a HDD or SSD storage, it will usually be unformatted and unassigned a drive letter. This will result in it not being immediately visible on your PC. You can quickly assign a drive letter...
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Troubleshooting WiFi issues

April 6, 2021 23
If your WiFi is weak or not working properly there are several different methods that can be used to test the device, get a stronger signal or fix the WiFi if it is not working at all. Weak Wifi In order to test the internet download/upload speed and ping, you can use the Speedtest app which c...
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Installing Team Viewer On A Windows Device

April 9, 2021 9
Being able to connect to and control a device via the internet or your home's network can really help with some stubborn technical issues. (more…)
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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Not Installing?

April 9, 2021 3
Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings some interesting features and improvements to the Windows 10 Home operating system found on our recent Windows based devices. What should you do if this update fails or you're not sure if it is in place yet? (more…)
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Your TV Isn’t Showing Any Picture?

April 9, 2021 11
First thing to do is not panic. Normally there is a simple solution, so check the basics first: (more…)
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