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Changing The Launcher On A Go v3

April 6, 2021 18
If you have a Go v3 projector and want to use an HDMI cable to connect your laptop/console, this post has the details for you. If you have not already tried this launcher, please install it from the DroiX Market. (more…)
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Using a VPN in LibreELEC

April 6, 2021 77
Want to use your VPN connection within the LibreELEC operating system, but not sure how to? (more…)
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How To Install A Kodi Addon

April 6, 2021 27
 Kodi is an app that can not just play local media but also online based streaming content. In order to do so, you will need to install something called an Add-on which is basically a Extension for specific streaming content that you selected to install. In order to install an add on inside Kodi 1...
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Troubleshooting WiFi issues

April 6, 2021 23
If your WiFi is weak or not working properly there are several different methods that can be used to test the device, get a stronger signal or fix the WiFi if it is not working at all. Weak Wifi In order to test the internet download/upload speed and ping, you can use the Speedtest app which c...
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How To Clear App Data On Android 6 & 7

April 6, 2021 20
Sometimes you may want to reset an app, if the app is not working properly or you wish to start fresh. Clearing data is the quickest and easiest way to do this.. The video guide demonstrates how to do this. Simply navigate on Android 6 or 7 to settings (2 cog icon) > apps> select the ap...
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How to enable and select Subtitles for Videos in Kodi

April 9, 2021 15
Please open Kodi, and follow these steps: System (click the menu entry please)>Video>Subtitles On some skins you may need to click on Settings, or Power/Exit/Quit then Settings. (more…)
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Manually Choosing Default Video Player

April 9, 2021 48
If you want to keep your current build of Kodi, but would like to experiment with using MX Player as the default video player within Kodi/DBMC/XBMC/SPMC then read on. (more…)
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First Run Of Google’s Play Store

April 9, 2021 53
Whether you have just received a DroiX® device, or updated the Android operating system, it is always worth opening up Google’s Play Store app and signing in at least once. Keeping your apps up to date is good practise for a number of reasons. First, there may be bugs that cause crashing or freezin...
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