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How to install a RetroPie image to your MicroSD, HDD or SSD for your Raspberry Pi 4

May 12, 2021 29
Hi there! A friend of us here at DroiX has created a handy video going over the process of how to install a RetroPie image on an SSD (or a 2.5-inch HDD), so we felt it'd be helpful to the community at large to post it onto our knowledge base! If you are familiar with our RETROFLAG NESPI 4 DIY Ki...
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How to reset controllers on RetroPie

April 6, 2021 740
If you find yourself in the situation where you are not able to use a controller on the menus then you can follow the steps below to reset it if you have a USB keyboard. The following steps which will reset the controller input and when it next boots it will have the option to configure the control...
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How to change emulators default folder in GMenu2X

April 6, 2021 120
Some retro game handhelds have external Micro SD Card slots and the emulator settings need to be updated for them to start the file browser in the external Micro SD Card instead of the internal storage. Setting the new default folder saves a lot of time as you will not need to browse folders every t...
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Save States Explained

April 6, 2021 115
One of the great things with emulators is that you can Save and Load your exact position in the game at any time, even if the original game did not support saving in any method at all. Once the game is saved you can resume it exactly where you saved it at any time. It is great for saving before a bi...
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Troubleshooting WiFi issues

April 6, 2021 23
If your WiFi is weak or not working properly there are several different methods that can be used to test the device, get a stronger signal or fix the WiFi if it is not working at all. Weak Wifi In order to test the internet download/upload speed and ping, you can use the Speedtest app which c...
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