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How to install Android 11 (351Droid) on your RG351P

August 27, 2021
Ever wondered how Android would run on your retro gaming handheld? Check out this quick and easy guide for installing 351Droid on your RG351P!
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How to connect to WiFi, change theme and scrape game data on EmuELEC

August 3, 2021
In this guide we are showing how to connect your retro console running EmuELEC to WiFi, how to download & install a new theme and scrape game data. While we are using a Gameforce Chi in this guide, this will work just fine with any EmuELEC based retro gaming handheld that has WiFi.You can watch...
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How to install EmuELEC and copy games to your Gameforce Chi

August 2, 2021
As standard, the Gameforce Chi retro console does not come with a micro SD Card with the Operating System installed. But buying the Gameforce Chi from DroiX we provide a free 64GB card with it pre-installed. So whether you are looking to install it for the first time, or want to reinstall, our vide...
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How To Add Games To The RG351P

June 17, 2021
Want to add more games to your RG351P? We at DroiX outline the ways you can do so in this guide...
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How To Upgrade/Re-Flash your Retroid Pocket 2 (The Easy Way)

September 1, 2021 40
Welcome! We at DroiX recently started selling the popular Retroid Pocket 2 retro gaming handheld. The Retroid Pocket 2 comes with Android 6.0 installed, but there does exist an official update to Android 8.1, so we felt it would be helpful to create a guide that walks you through the process. R...
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RG351P/RG351M/RG351P Custom Firmware Installation Guide – Improve Your Handheld’s Performance!

April 16, 2021 110
The following article is a simple guide intended to help you install custom firmware on your RG351P, RG351V, or RG351M. The benefits of custom firmware are numerous, including: An expanded selection of emulatorsIncreased performance in gamesExpanded feature-sets for the device (depending on t...
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How to reinstall the RG350M firmware

April 5, 2021 41
If your RG350M is not booting or you are upgrading to a larger Micro SD Card you will need to reinstall the firmware. You can follow this guide for how to reinstall the original firmware. IMPORTANT: Do NOT install RG350 firmware on a RG350M, it may not work. While it will not damage the device, you ...
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How to update RG350 and RG350M firmware with OPK

April 5, 2021 345
The RG350 and RG350M can be updated without having to remove the Micro SD Card and writing image files to it. Appropriate Firmware IMPORTANT NOTE: This firmware update should only be installed on the original firmware. If you have installed other custom firmware do not install this update! You wil...
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How to update Bittboy Custom Firmware

April 6, 2021 113
Where to buy the BittBoy v3? You can purchase the BittBoy v3 from us at https://droidbox.co.uk/bittboy-v2-retro-gaming-emulator-portable-handheld.html   If you already have the Bittboy Custom Firmware installed, you can save some time by updating the Micro SD Card with the new files inste...
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Installing custom firmware on the LDK retro gaming handheld

April 6, 2021 48
You can buy the LDK in both Yellow and Transparent colours from https://droidbox.co.uk/droix-ldk-console-retro-gaming-emulator-handheld-jz4760-transparent-yellow-latest-hw-version.html You will need MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition from https://www.minitool.com/download-center/ Win32 DiskImag...
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