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Guides on how to use accessories for your Android TV Box

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How to reset controllers on RetroPie

April 6, 2021 740
If you find yourself in the situation where you are not able to use a controller on the menus then you can follow the steps below to reset it if you have a USB keyboard. The following steps which will reset the controller input and when it next boots it will have the option to configure the control...
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DroiX® i9 Mini Keyboard How To Guide

April 9, 2021 36
The DroiX® i9 Mini Keyboard is perfect for people without acres of space, who still want to maintain complete control over their device! (more…)
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How to pair a DroiX® Play Gamepad with your DroiX®

April 9, 2021 46
This video demonstrates how to pair your DroiX® Play Gamepad controller with your DroiX® device (or other Android model) via Bluetooth (more…)
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How to calibrate the DroiX® B52 Air-Mouse (formerly known as the i25)

April 9, 2021 23
If you find that the movements of your remote control don't correlate precisely to the cursor on your screen moving, you may need to calibrate your DroiX® B52 remote control. To calibrate the remote control please follow the steps outlined in the video below: Video: Watch it over at YouTube's sit...
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