Can’t Connect To WiFi?

Last updated: 21 November 2021
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If you haven’t yet rebooted your router (modem/AP/network box), please remove the power from it, leave it for 30 seconds, then reconnect the power. Wait 2 minutes and check if the DroiX® is now happy to connect or not.

The DroiX® device itself has been turned off (rather than just left to sleep) and on again since you had this problem?

If you also have a network cable connected to the device, please ensure you have disabled Ethernet within Android’s Settings, or just disconnect the cable (LAN is preferred over WiFi by the system, so WiFi may be disabled if you have both connected).

If you’re either able to connect to your home’s network via a cable, or have an Android phone or tablet you can use for testing, please install WiFi Analyzer. Putting your phone/tablet in the same position as your DroiX® model, check if there are other WiFi channels you could reconfigure your modem/router to use, that have less congestion.

You can check internet connectivity by opening the SpeedTest app. This should be preinstalled on your device. If an internet connection is present, then you can proceed to checking your internet connection speed. If it is below 4Mbps, that may be causing the issue.

If a WiFi connection can’t be established (failed), then in open Android Settings -> WiFi and select your connection, click on it and select Forget. Now try reconnecting,  ensuring that the password entered is the same as displayed on your router – UPPER and lower case.

Could you double check if you have installed any Android applications (system tweaking, networking optimizing etc) that could feasibly alter WiFi settings under the hood. If you’re unsure, let us know the possibles, and we’ll investigate them for you. If you recently installed any media sharing, Miracast, AirPlay or UPnP based apps, double check if WiFi Direct has been turned on, within their settings pages.

Please do let us know the results of these checks, and if possible, the make and model of your router/modem/AP, so we can check if any potential conflicts have been Ssed with Android devices elsewhere. We have had a lot of customers who used British Telecom supplied modem/routers (normally re-badged Thomson models) that blocked proper access to our devices. Once an old ADSL microfilter was used, or in some cases, a modem/router borrowed from a friend, the DroiX® was able to connect normally again.
We hope we’ll be able to assist you in resolving this matter soon.

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