Checking Your Drive’s Partition(s) On An Android Powered Kodi TV Box

Last updated: 21 November 2021
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This article is for owners of a DroiX T8-S, T8-S Plus (v1 and v2) who have installed a hard drive.
Although you can remove the hard drive from your DroiX internal bay and attach it to a PC to check the partition(s), you can also leave it in place and use an Android application instead.

Warning: Do not click on options related to formatting, mounting, clearing or erasing unless you have a good reason to do so. You can lose access to your data if you click the wrong options.

If you want to know more about the drive inside your T8-S, T8-S Plus v1 or DroiX® T8-S Plus v2 device, then AParted is worth installing. With it you can check how many partitions are on your hard drive, and what type they are.

  1. Open the Play Store app on your DroiX device. If you’ve not signed in and used it before, you might want to click over to first.
    Play Store Opened
  2. In the search bar at the top, enter these words:
    Play Store Enter Search
  3. We want the app by sylkat. Don’t worry about the reference to SD cards, it also works on hard drives.
    Select And Click Install
  4. Once clicked on, select the Install button
    Play Store AParted Page
  5. Make sure you are happy accepting the permissions it requests (Android 5 users, Android 6 users will be asked when the app is opened)
    Play Store AParted Accept Permissions
  6. Following the application’s installation, click the Open button
    Play Store AParted Installed

What Now?

You will now need to open the application

  1. AParted Requesting Permission
    Carefully watch the screen for the window shown above, be sure to click the Grant button in time.
  2. AParted Permission Granted Confirmation
    If done correctly, the app will open with a confirmation shown as a toast notification towards the bottom of the screen.
  3. AParted Permission Explanation
    You will see the application author’s explanation for one of the permissions his work requires.
  4. AParted Manual Link
    Offer to read the AParted manual, worth browsing first.
  5. AParted Settings Screen
    Click the Settings tab and you will see this screen
  6. AParted Settings Detected Devices
    Click the entry under “Detected Devices” and select the USBDisk entry.
  7. AParted Settings Detected Devices Select USBDisk
    If everything has gone OK so far, the USBDisk will now show as the selected device.
  8. AParted Settings Devices Change Confirmed
    Scroll down and click the Save button.
  9. AParted Settings Devices Changed Click Save
    Now confirm you are certain you want to save this change of configuration.
  10. AParted Click The Tools Tab
    Now click the Tools entry at the top
  11. AParted Tools Area
    You can now see the number, size and type of partition(s) to be found on the hard drive. Remember not to change anything on the Create tab.

Alternative application

Another possibility is to use Parted4Android (SD Partition), see for details. The interface is a little more modern looking and easier to use, however there was less information (specifically identifying as EXT rather than EXT4) when compared to the AParted.

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