How to connect Retroflag GPi case to WiFi

Last updated: 21 November 2021
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You need to have a Raspberry Pi Zero W installed, a Zero does not support WiFi or Bluetooth.

Create a new text file and name it wpa_supplicant.conf

Open the wpa_supplicant.conf file with notepad (or notepad++).

Copy and paste the following text in to the file


You can now update the three lines shown below in the red boxes

Replace the country code if needed (GB, FR, DE, ES, US, CA etc..).

Replace your_wifi_ssdid with your wifi ssid (ex: ‘’homewifi’’).

Replace your_wifi_password with your wifi password (ex: ‘’1234’’).

Save and copy it to the root of boot partition on your Micro SD Card (the only partition you see on PC after burning the image file).

Copy it on wifibackup folder too for an easy re enable by script.

Insert the Micro SD Card back into the Retroflag GPi case and it is now ready to use.

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