How to reinstall windows on AYANEO Next – Fix for MS Store/Gamepass and Drivers

Last updated: 23 May 2022
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There are many reasons why you would need to reinstall Windows on AYANEO Next or Next Pro. Recently we received an email from a customer saying that they can’t download apps from the Microsoft Store on the AYANEO Next. They were not even able to download the Xbox to use GamePass. This leads us to think some of you might have a corrupted Windows installation, so we’ll reinstall windows and all the drivers.

If you received your AYANEO Next and everything works as expected, then don’t worry – this guide is not for you, go play Halo or something.

If you do need to reinstall windows on your AYANEO Next because you have been having some issues, then here’s how you do it.

Important: Please keep in mind that while the part in which you need to make a USB Stick with Windows 11 applies to any device, the driver part only applies to AYANEO Next and AYANEO Next Pro

What you need to reinstall windows on AYANEO Next or Next Pro.

  1. High-Speed USB Flash Storage (Minimum 16GB) (Note: You will have a USB A to USB C converter in the box the AYANEO Next came in)
  2. A working PC (You need this to create a Windows 11 bootable USB)
  3. Official AYANEO Docking Station/USB-C Docking Station
  4. Keyboard
  5. Patience
  6. Time (If this is the first time you do it, take the time to understand what we’re doing)

How to create Windows 11 bootable USB for AYANEO Next

  1. Go to Microsoft Support
  2. Download the Windows 11 Installation Media (Should be under the “Create Windows 11 installation media”
  3. Insert your USB Flash Storage into the USB Port (Note: While doing this, your USB Flash Store will be wiped)
  4. Double-click to open the MediaCreationToolW11.exe
    1. Note: Make sure you select Windows Home version, as that’s the version your AYANEO Next has a license for.
  5. Continue with the prompts and make your USB Flash Storage a bootable Windows 11 USB for AYANEO Next

How to reinstall Windows 11 on AYANEO Next and AYANEO Next Pro

Now that you have the Windows 11 bootable USB Flash Storage, you can make sure the AYANEO Next is turned off and plugged into the docking station. (You don’t want to lose power while Windows is reinstalling)

Make sure you have your bootable Windows 11 USB Stick plugged in, as well as power and the external keyboard.

Press the power button on your AYANEO Next and then press the F7 Key on your keyboard to bring up the boot order menu.

Select the UEFI Flash Storage (The Windows 11 bootable USB stick) and continue with the windows installation.

Now you should have a brand-new clean install of Windows 11 on your AYANEO Next or Next Pro, let’s install some drivers.

How to install Drivers on AYANEO Next and AYANEO Next Pro

Now download the following drivers.

  1. AYA Space Beta – Download
  2. AMD Radeon Drivers – Download – Download the Auto-Detect tool
  3. AYANEO Next Driver package – Download
  4. AYANEO Universal Gyro Driver – Download

After you have installed all the above successfully, check Device Manager to make sure that you have no unrecognised devices.

Do I need to activate Windows 11 on AYANEO?

No – the windows key is tied to your device, and as long as you install the same level of windows (In this case is Windows Home), you don’t need another key.

Now you know how to reinstall Windows 11 on the AYANEO Next and Next Pro.

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