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Legal Update October 2016 From DroiX Regarding Android Devices and Kodi


Worried about what is going in the world of Kodi?
Heard scare stories from friends who know someone, who lives next door to the daughter of someone, who told them using Kodi could get you arrested?

Sensationalist tabloid (both national and regional) headlines of late have been foretelling the end of Kodi and serious ramifications for users of the application.


First, let’s get the basics covered…

Are you breaking the law?
No. Please see https://droix.co.uk/wordpress/are-streams-legal for more information.

Are DroiX® breaking the law?
No. We don’t “preload” (fully load, preinstall, one button install) our devices.

Why does (another company) preload their devices with Wizards, and you don’t?
Because companies doing this sort of thing are likely to encounter problems with UK authorities. If we switched to these competitor’s business plans and made more sales in the short term, the long term would not look good for us.
However, DroiX® are here for the long run – we don’t want our customers to be unable to get support for our models because of a raid or court order. We stick to the law, and ask our customers to ensure they do the same.

What is Kodi? Is DBMC the same thing?
Please see https://droix.co.uk/wordpress/what-is-kodi and https://droidbox.co.uk/how-to/xbmc-kodi-dbmc-droidbox-media-centre-or-spmc for more information.

The article in this newspaper mentioned add-ons are illegal, is this true?
No. Again, see https://droix.co.uk/wordpress/are-streams-legal for the legal side of things, and https://droix.co.uk/wordpress/what-are-add-ons-for-kodi for a quick rundown on what an add-on actually is.

So I can do whatever I like on my DroiX®?
No. We would always recommend researching the local regulations in force, for your own peace of mind. If you’re unsure if an add-on is legitimate, and the stream is meant for general viewing, ask in our forum. Even if it turns out the add-on you are using is not official, there are many, many legitimate services available that can provide online entertainment. If you already have an offline media collection, please check https://droix.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360010450217-Setting-Up-Kodi-The-Right-Way for information on accessing it easily on your device. If you want entertainment online, we recommend reading through some of the suggestions at https://DroidBOXForums.com from other DroiX® customers. You will find information on official applications, how to install and use them, as well as alternative suppliers that you may not have come across before.

How can I tell if DroiX receive requests from the authorities to pass on information?
Please visit our DroiX Canary page at https://droix.co.uk/wordpress/droidbox-warrant-canary/ .

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