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Optical Out (TOSLINK) On A Device In The T8 Family With Kodi

DroidBOX T8-S Plus Launcher Homescreen Settings Icon Highlighted

This post covers using an optical digital audio (SPDIF) cable with your DroiX from the T8 range.

The exact steps depend on which Android version is installed on your device:


Lollipop (T8-S Plus & T8 Mini)

DroiX T8-S Plus Launcher Homescreen Settings Icon Highlighted
Click on the Settings icon (found in Android’s homescreen, an icon of two cogs).

DroiX T8-S Plus Settings Sounds Icon Highlighted
DroiX T8-S Plus Sound Settings Digital Sounds Icon Highlighted
Select the “sounds” icon, then the “Digital sounds” entry.

DroiX T8-S Plus Digital Sound Settings Automatic On
DroiX T8-S Plus Digital Sound Settings SPDIF Selected
Ensure that “Auto detection” is set of off by clicking the SPDIF option, this entry should now have a dot next to it.


KitKat (T8 & T8-S)

DroiX® T8 Launcher Homescreen
Open the Settings (normally one or two cogs) screen and click on the ADVANCED tab.

Advanced Settings SPDIF Passthrough
Now ensure that “Digital audio auto-detection” is OFF, then the line below (Digital Audio Output) set to SPDIF passthrough.

If I’ve got an HDMI lead and an optical lead in at the same time, this settings allows the TOSLINK digital audio out (optical lead) to work in general.


Once Settings have been configured for either version of Android:

Within the Android app from YouTube, audio is produced from my amp. In Kodi, using default settings with SPDIF passthrough set, 5.1 (AAC encoded, Looper rip from Navi-X) worked, however I couldn’t tell about DD encoding as my hardware predates that. A few people have mentioned in the forum the importance of needing to set Number of Channels: to 2.0 in Kodi’s System area, then System again and Audio Output. Please click “Reset above settings to default” first, then double check channels is (confusingly) set to 2.0

https://DroidBOXForums.com has current advice regarding surround sound AV equipment and Kodi.

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