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XBMC/Kodi tips and Performance


What is the difference between XBMC and Kodi?
Please visit https://droix.co.uk/xbmc-kodi-dbmc-droidbox-media-centre-or-spmc/ to learn more.

Accessing Favourites on the XBMC/Kodi homepage
To access your favourites you will need to click on the star icon at the bottom left side of the XBMC/Kodi home screen (some newer skins will store the favourites shortcut within the main menu). Simply click on the star icon and a menu will slide out from the right side of the screen. Scroll over to that menu and choose the favourite you wish to view.

How do I add more favourite’s to XBMC/Kodi and access my favourite’s while using XBMC/Kodi?
When you find a TV series or HD movie that you want to save as a favourite you need to highlight your choice and click C on your USB wireless keyboard or the Menu button (normally this has two to four horizontal lines on it) on your remote. This will bring up the menu and you will be able to click on “Save as a Favourite”.

If you add the main folder of a show as a favourite it will bring you back to that folder when you select the favourite later. If you choose a season as a favourite it will bring you back to that season when you click on the favourite later. Please note that some add-ons only save favourite’s in that particular Add on and not on the XBMC/Kodi homepage. This video shows more about saving favourites

Customizing your XBMC/Kodi Homepage (Shortcuts)
If using the Confluence or Confluence Customizable Mod skins, scroll over to System on the right end of the main menu > click Settings > click Appearance > Just under where the Skin in use is mentioned, there is a settings link below it, click this> click on add on short cuts. There will be different areas to add different types of shortcuts (Video, Music, Programs). Click on 1-7 and choose the add-ons you wish to have as a short cut on your XBMC/Kodi homepage.

I have Jigsaw images after updating
Locate the File Manager HD or ES File Explorer apps on your device. If you cannot find it or a similar File Manager you can download it here. You need to locate the textures.db file and delete it. You can find this in Android/data/org.xbmc.xbmc/Files/xbmc/userdata/database/ now locate and Delete textures db file. Now restart your device.
The part in italics (org.xbmc.xbmc) will mention kodi or spmc on most models now.

XBMC/Kodi performance related issues

I clicked on a stream source to watch a movie or TV show and I got a pop up that says “File not found” or “Source is unavailable”

When I try to find a TV Show, HD Movie or live sports stream I get an error that says “Network not available” or “Script Error”

My videos buffer a lot
For all of these queries, please read through https://droix.co.uk/videos-buffering/ and watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V6cZ9p045w.

My Device is running slow, how can I fix this?
Sometimes the Cache in XBMC/Kodi gets full. This can slow the performance of XBMC/Kodi and cause buffering issues. You can fix this by following these instructions: Click settings under  Apps > Click Apps > Find XBMC or Kodi and click on it > click Clear cache, wait for your cache to go get to 0. Restart XBMC/Kodi and let it complete its first run. Remember, each Add-Ons is separately managed by a Third Party that is not affiliated with DroidBOX.co.uk.  There will be times when these Add-Ons do not operate as they should and you may experience down time or slow rates which could cause buffering.
Resetting XBMC
If for any reason XBMC/Kodi is not working properly, Freezing or you are getting Script Errors please follow the steps in this video.


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