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What do I download on my GPD Win 3? – Recommended Software for the GPD Win 3

Have a Win 3 but not quite sure where to get started? Want to get the most out of your GPD Win 3? Well, we at DroiX have put together a list of recommended software for the GPD Win 3. You can see the full review GPD Win 3 Review should you want to see the unboxing and first look.

Still not quite sure what a GPD Win 3 is? In short, it’s a powerful handheld PC with built-in controls, a touch screen, and more. Perfect for portable gaming. Read more about the GPD Win 3 here:


Out of the box, the GPD Win 3 comes with Windows 10 already installed. Thanks to this, it is immediately compatible with a vast breadth of useful software, such as:


Considered by many to be the face of PC Gaming, Steam is the leading digital marketplace for the platform.

These days, amidst the plethora of digital game stores popping up left and right (UPlay, Epic Games Store, Battle.net, etc.), Steam still reigns supreme as the primary location for all your PC gaming needs.

Steam bought many now-taken-for-granted features into the mainstream eye, such as automatic game updates, persistent accounts across multiple separate games, and more. It is exceedingly difficult to play modern games.

To read more about (and download) steam, you can do so here: https://store.steampowered.com/about/

See Also:

Epic Games Launcher – An up-and-coming competitor to Steam created by the company behind Fortnite. Lacks many features of Steam, but (at the time of writing) gives out free games regularly.

GoG Galaxy GoG‘s official client for purchases made on their digital storefront. Games purchased through GoG often do not have any kind of DRM, making it easier to manage their files. Has many old/obscure games on offer, and will sometimes officially implement community fixes for bugs into downloads.


RetroArch enables you to easily manage and switch between multiple emulators simultaneously.

It would be remiss of us to not include an emulator on a list of best GPD Win 3 software. RetroArch is a little more special than most however.

RetroArch is a free, open-source, multi-platform “front-end” for emulators, and not neccearily an emulator itself per-se. Gone are the days of having to keep track and organize multiple emulators across multiple platforms. With RetroArch, it’s all in one place.

Thanks to the performance of the GPD Win 3, it’s comfortably capable of emulating a vast number of platforms, from classic arcade games to fairly recent console and handheld titles.

Learn more about RetroArch and get started on your retro gaming journey here: https://www.retroarch.com/

See Also:

EmulationStation – Another general-purpose emulation “front-end” with a larger emphasis on visual customisation.


A free video record/streaming solution that is used by both hobbyists and professionals alike.

If you require software to record games, whether it be archiving footage for later review, casually showing games to friends and family, or even streaming games online to an audience, OBS makes an excellent solution to your live streaming needs.

Free to download and use in its entirety, as well as being open-source; OBS is steadily gaining headway in the market with each update, and for this reason deserves its place on our list of recommended software for the GPD Win 3.

Learn more about and download OBS here: https://obsproject.com/

Also Check Out…

XSplit – A popular alternative to OBS. Has more features than OBS, but has a price for entry.


A highly popular combined text/video/voice platform; originally designed for gaming primarily, but branched out later on.

In the modern age it’s more important than ever to stay connected with your friends and the wider community as a whole. The main platform tends to shift as the years go by (IRC, TeamSpeak, Mumble, Skype, etc.), but currently the main place to be is on Discord.

With an intuitive user interface and various features that allow it to intergrate itself with games and other platforms seamlessly, Discord is an essential app for those looking to keep up with friends and those on the hunt for more like-minded gamers to hang out with. Best of all, it’s FREE.

Check out more about Discord at this link: https://discord.com/

See Also:

Skype – Another highly-popular communication app. Supports video calls, voice calls, group chats, and more.

Telegram – A privacy-first messaging app with a variety of security-conscious properties and features.


A portable, flexible option for your daily music listening needs.

For when you simply want to listen to music, either to chill out with relaxing tunes, or get the blood pumping with some high-energy beats, Spotify is a popular choice among music streaming platforms today.

With customizable playlists, unique integrations with other platforms (such as Discord), and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, Spotify will easily serve its purpose as the platform on which your musical library rests.

Learn more (and download) Spotify from their own website here: https://www.spotify.com

See Also:

Deezer – An alternative to Spotfiy. Essentially the same, but has different tracks on offer.

Amazon Music – Another alternative, more closely linked to Amazon’s ecosystem.


Originally a simple service that mailed DVD rentals, Netflix has become a streaming media titan over the past decade.

To finish off our list of reccomended software for the GPD Win 3, we’ll look at video/movie streaming apps.

Among all the streaming apps out there, Netflix sits atop the throne as the most popular service for streaming a variety of cartoons, television shows, and movies. For a subscription, you can enjoy hours and hours upon hours of content. Perfect for binging, movie nights, or just having playing in the background.

If combined with the official GPD Win 3 Dock, the Win 3 can double as a media centre, making it an excellent host for apps such as Netflix.

Find out more about Netflix here: https://www.netflix.com/

See Also:

Prime Video – Amazon’s own streaming service. Fundamentally the same kind of system, but offers a different line-up of movies and shows.

Disney+ – A newer streaming service that has seen rapid growth thanks to Disney’s expansive backlog of intellectual properties and franchises.

Thanks for reading this far! If you think there’s something we’ve missed, please feel free to leave a comment below about your recommended software for the GPD Win 3, so that we at DroiX and others can take a look.

Until next time!

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Just gotten a GPD Win 3 of your own and aren't quite sure what to download? We at DroiX have put together a list of essential apps to enhance your experience...Click here to take a look!

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