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S922X benchmark – Who is the king of Android boxes? Beelink GT King S922X vs A95X Max S905X2

There’s a new king on the Android box block, quite literally, it is the S922X powered Beelink GT King! But does it take the crown? Read on for the benchmark results.

We took a good performing budget and a high end Android TV box to pit against the Beelink GT King. The TX6 is a budget device with an Allwinner H6 Cortex A53, Quad Core CPU, Mali-T720 GPU and 4GB RAM & 64GB Storage.

All in all, the TX6 is good performing budget device which will suit your average day to day requirements for an Android TV box.


The A95X MAX is a higher end device. It has a S905X2 Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU, Dvalin MP2 GPU and 4GB RAM & 64GB Storage. This is our go to device when testing new apps as it handles everything we throw at it such as media, streaming, gaming and emulation.

This is a very well performing device and it also has physical space inside the device for a 2.5″ HDD or SSD. It is perfect for media and game storage especially.


The Beelink GT King runs Android 9 and features an AMLogic S922X Hexa-Core CPU, Mali G52-MP6 GPU and 4GB LPDDR4 RAM &  64GB eMMC storage. At first glance it looks unassuming , but with its glowing green eyes located in an alien head on the top of the device once powered on, will it become a beast?

There is only one way to find out, let the benchmarks commence!

Using the latest Antutu benchmark app for Android we ran the tests on each device to check the performance. The best scores are in bold.

TX6 (Cortex A53) Beelink GT King (S922X) A95X MAX (S905X2)
CPU (1) 4x core 8x core 4x core
GPU (2) ARM Mali-T720 Mali G52-MP6 ARM Dvalin MP2
Antutu 7.x
Overall 52,422 126,278 56,587
CPU 31,172 55,961 25,855 (Note 1)
GPU (1080p) 2,939 33,201 9,165
UX 14,840 30,993 16,985
RAM 3,491 6,123 4,582


Note 1 – The score for the A95X MAX CPU is lower than we expected. The individual CPU scores were higher than the TX6 apart from the multi-core test. We run this benchmark a few times to see if there a mistake but it gave the same results every time. We are unsure if this is a bug with Antutu or not fully compatible. But either way, the A95X MAX should have a much higher CPU score.


As you can see, the Beelink GT King more than doubles the Overall scores of the TX6 and A95X MAX. The  CPU score blows the competition out of the water with its blazing fast processor which is ideal for all tasks whatever you are doing. Menus feel far snappier when loading and navigating, videos play smooth, games run amazing and emulators run at great speeds. The GT King doesn’t break a sweat unless you are benchmarking!


Now while many will only see the GPU and UX scores as only useful for gaming, this does also affect all display related tasks such as video processing, browsing and scrolling. These will all vastly benefit from a fast GPU. 4K display output at 75Hz is a breeze!

If you are looking for a high end Android box that outperforms the rest, then look no further! Whether you are streaming, browsing or gaming it excels in every department. And as it does this so easily you can be assured the Beelink GT King will keep performing over time as any high end device should. Don’t just take our word for it, you can find out more information, a number of independent reviews and buy yours at https://droidbox.co.uk/droix-gt-king-amlogic-s922-soc-4gb-ram-64gb-storage-4k-uhd-60fps-high-performance-android-9-pie-tv-box.html.

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