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DroiX® T8 Mini How-To Guide

DroidBOX® VIP Plus

Common questions and solutions

Getting started

Getting your T8 Mini set up at first use

Fixing known issues

How to reinstall DroiX® Media Center (KODI,SPMC,XBMC)
How to fix Kodi blank keyboard error
How to factory reset your T8 Mini
BT Home Hub Parental Controls causing Script Errors
Setting up a Kids Profile for DroiX®
How to use Quick Support

Getting your T8 Mini set up at first use

Before running your T8 Mini for the first time, it would be helpful to have a quick look at this video as it shows the first run setup and how to access the settings to set up your network.

YouTube video to go here

VIP Plus: how to connect, button functions

DroiX VIP Plus


Setting up a Kids Profile for DroiX®

It can be handy to set up a kids profile so they can safely watch media without the chance of them seeing something they shouldn’t.


How to reinstall DroiX® Media Centre based on Kodi/SPMC

Sometimes you might need to reinstall the DroiX® Media Centre, these simple steps will help you get the most recent version for Kodi/XBMC/SPMC


How to fix Kodi blank keyboard error

Kodi ships without a default keyboard nationality selected. This often results in a blank keyboard. The fix is quite simple and can be seen below.


How to factory reset your T8 Mini

Sometimes the simplest thing to to do to solve issues with your device is to do a factory reset. This will restore the DroiX® back to the condition it was in when you took it out of the box the first time. Ideally you should only do this if instructed by a DroiX® support person, but over time you may become comfortable in knowing when you may need to do this and how to go about it.

Check button placement


BT Home Hub Parental Controls causing Script Errors

The BT Home Hub cause a few issues, which can be easily fixed with a few simple steps seen in the video below.

Some more links on the ISP’s blocking content (Virgin & BT Customers):

Alternatively, see the BT webpage – Stay safe with BT Parental Controls


How to use Quick Support

You may encounter an issue that you cannot solve yourself or using one of the many helpful videos on this site and YouTube. If you call our support team, they may need to “remote” into your DroiX® to help you solve the issue. To do this they use software called Quick Support. You can see what you will need to do on their request in the video below.

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