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If you’re in the market for a new computer, chances are you’re usually looking at a Windows PC or a Mac. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, as we even offer some Mini PCs with Windows 11 – there’s a whole another Operating System that you may not know of. Linux

Learn about Linux

Just like Windows and MacOS, Linux is an Operating System and believe it or not, Linux is everywhere – From cars, TVs, and refrigerators to the world’s supercomputers.

But that’s not to say that Linux is only for technology enthusiasts. Chances are your Smartphone’s Operating System (Android) is actually based on the Linux Kernel.

Now that we have established that Linux runs on pretty much everything, is blazing fast and very stable – you may ask “Why should I use it?”

Why should I use Linux?

For many people, this reason alone will make the most sense.

Linux is free
That is true, Linux is a free Operating System and you can install whichever distribution (we’ll get to that) on as many computers as you’d like, for free. We, DroiX do not charge you money to install Linux on our range of Linux Mini Computers.

Hard to get a Malware, Virus, Ransomware, etc
This is another great reason to get a Linux Mini PC and have it as a Family Desktop. Linux-based Mini PCs are far less susceptible to viruses, making it a perfect Mini PC for Home, Office or Gaming.

For those that love a challenge, it’s obvious that if you go looking for malware and viruses – you’ll be able to get one, but in day-to-day usage, Linux is not as susceptive to malware as Windows Mini Computers.

Endless customisation
Now, this is cool, Linux actually comes in various distributions (or “Distros”), and each distribution offers a variety of desktop environments.
In a day and age where Windows and MacOS allows you to change the desktop background and the accent colour, Linux allows you to customise even the way the “X” button looks and behaves.

For those that want a custom setup and are very particular about how their computer looks and works – Linux is amazing! And that’s why we offer our Linux Mini Computers with multiple distributions available.

Linux is Open Source
This means that the code on which your computer runs is publicly available – Whilst Windows and MacOS are closed-source and proprietary information, Linux is open and

Linux Distributions offered by DroiX

Pop OS
Desktop EnvironmentBudgieGnomeKDE

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